New Surefil one from Dentsply Sirona formulated to provide convenience and durability

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Available in the U.S. starting Oct. 12, the restorative filling material is designed to allow procedures to be performed quicker than using composites with a more durable outcome than glass ionomers.

With more and more patients requesting amalgam free restorations for esthetic and environmental reasons, natural looking composites have become very popular in recent years. But resin-based materials are not always the best way to go for each and every procedure. In some cases—notably direct posterior restorations—challenges due to isolation control, patient compliance, the margin being sub-gingival, and the technique sensitivity of resin-based materials, composites are not the material of choice for these situations.

Dentsply Sirona’s new Surefil one hopes to deliver an ideal alternative for these situations by providing the convenience of a glass ionomer with the durability of a composite. This new material will be available in the U.S. starting October 12.

Composite restoratives require complete isolation throughout the entire procedure and have a sensitive adhesive technique to ensure maximum adhesion is obtained between the composite and tooth structure. Because these procedures can be time consuming and isolation is critical, certain clinical situations can be better served by a composite alternative.

That said, many glass ionomers available today are not indicated for use as a permanent restorative material due to their inferior mechanical properties. This can lead to costly problems for the dentist as well as unhappy patients.

That’s where Dentsply Sirona plans to step in a solve these problems with the launch of Surefil one, an ideal material alternative. Available in five shades—Bleach White, A1, A2, A3, and A3.5—the company states that procedures can be performed quicker than using composites with a more durable outcome than glass ionomers.


With the creation of an “entirely new material class, the first ever self-adhesive composite hybrid,” Surefil one is formulated to deliver the simplicity of a glass ionomer and the durability of a resin-based composite. The material has an unlimited depth of cure to provide assurance in very deep cavities that a complete cure will be obtained without layering. It can also be light cured, so the restoration can be finished and polished immediately after surface light curing. Studies published in 2018 by the Journal of Adhesive Dentistry have demonstrated that

Surefil one restorations are as durable as a composite: in chewing simulations, it was shown that after 500,000 cycles, no evidence of fractures or damage was present while the glass ionomers tested in this chewing simulation partially showed fractures after fewer than 100,000 chewing cycles.

Withfewer steps in the procedure, treatment is more efficient and faster, according to Dentplsy Sirona. With Surefil one, dentists can fill a cavity in just one layer, without etching or bonding, minimizing the window of risk for when contamination can occur during the procedure.

Surefil one now joins the Class II Total Practice Solution from Dentsply Sirona as the solution for challenging Class II situations. Acknowledging that the clinical requirements for a successful Class II restoration change based on the situation, the treatment recommendations differ. In challenging situations when isolation becomes the critical factor in determining success of the restoration, the Class II Total Practice Solution with Surefil one is an optimal solution.

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