New Sedation Mask Designed to Improve Delivery of Anesthetics, Comfort

A new sedation mask, created by Crosstex International and Accutron, Inc., is intended to improve how nitrous oxide and other anesthetic gases are delivered to patients. The single-use mask is designed to have a better seal around patients noses to keep gas out of their eyes. The mask, which can also be steam sterilized, should help dentists avoid the use of tape or nasal cannulas.

The interior of the Axess mask is designed to fog over when the patient is breathing through his or her nose.

Crosstex International, Inc. and its subsidiary, Accutron, Inc., have launched a new sedation mask that is designed to improve the delivery of anesthetic gases and patient comfort. The mask, called the AXESS Mask Sedation System, is a single-use, low profile nasal mask that is lightweight and contoured for a better fit around each patient’s nose.

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To help assure clinicians that the mask is operating properly, fogging will appear in the translucent mask as the patient breathes through his or her nose. The mask is designed to promote a better nasal/facial seal in order to minimize ambient nitrous oxide and gas flow into the patient’s eyes during the procedure. Due to the contour of the mask, providers should be able to avoid the use of tape or nasal cannulas.

Additionally, the new AXESS mask is accompanied by a low-profile scavenging circuit that can be easily retrofitted to most scavenging circuits. The system can also be steam-sterilized and reused, and it is available in three sizes and three scents — mint, bubblegum, and unscented – to maximize patient comfort.

Both the AXESS mask and scavenging circuit are made of lightweight, slender tubing that reduces the drag that can lead to mask displacement. Both are designed to increase patient comfort while also allowing the anesthesiologist unobstructed access and viewing of the patient’s oral cavity. There is no natural rubber or latex in either the mask or the circuit.

Jackie Beltrani, Vice President of Global Marketing for Crosstex International, says, “Patient safety has always been the cornerstone of the Crosstex mission. The growing emphasis on patient comfort and nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation correlates with an increase in positive patient experiences. For dental professionals, that has the potential to mean more referrals and more opportunities to grow their practices.”

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