New Paper Proposes Link Between COVID-19 Transmission and Poor Oral Hygiene

New research explains why gum disease and poor oral hygiene could potentially predict COVID-19 more so than other risk factors.

An international team of COVID-19 researchers have hypothesized that the virus may enter the lungs via blood rather than the airways of the lungs.

In the study, the mouth and nose are entry points for the virus into the bloodstream where it spreads throughout the neck, chest, heart, and to the lung blood vessels. If the gum’s integrity if weakened by disease or poor health, the virus can enter the bloodstream with ease.

Because risk factors for more severe cases of COVID-19 and gum disease are so similar, the study proposes that gum disease may be a principal risk factor for a more severe reaction to the virus.

Use of over-the-counter mouthwashes with specific ingredients could reduce COVID-19 transmission in the mouth to the bloodstream when used correctly, according to the study.

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