New protective screen features LED illumination

Primotec USA now offers Schick Dental products, including the L-protect, a protective work glass that features LED illunination.

Primotec USA has recently announced that it has added select Schick Dental products to primotec USA’s line of product offerings.

One of the latest options is the L Protect, a protective glass from Schick. The L Protect is the first protective glass with LED lighting, which means it is designed to it provide bright and shadow-free illumination to the working area while ensuring maximum occupational safety. The bracket is also compatible with most suction systems.

The L-Protect in action along with other Schick Dental products

The LED frame and protective glass are designed to be separated easily. The LED frame demonstrates an illumination of of 2,500 Lux (brighter than two 60W light bulbs) and minimum energy requirements of eight watts. Because of the energy-saving features of LED lighting, the frame is designed to be economical while still providing safety for the user.

For more information, contact primotec at email or call 866-643-3129.