New Promotion from Midmark can Bolster Mechanical Room


This exclusive mechanical room promotion will enable dental practices to claim free accessories with the purchase of air compressors and vacuums from Midmark.

New Promotion from Midmark can Bolster Mechanical Room. Image credit: © Midmark Corp.

New Promotion from Midmark can Bolster Mechanical Room. Image credit: © Midmark Corp.

Midmark Corp has unveiled its latest promotion aimed at optimizing dental mechanical rooms. Until December 31, 2023, dental professionals and facilities have the opportunity to supplement their Midmark air compressor and vacuum purchases with complimentary mechanical room accessories.

In a press release from the company, Mandy Schlater, Midmark's Dental Marketing Manager, emphasizes the reliability and safety features of Midmark mechanical room solutions. "Midmark mechanical room solutions are designed for reliability and safety. With better-than-standard filtration, our air compressors deliver the ultimate in clean compressed air. And with their durable construction and reliable suction, our vacuums help safely evacuate aerosols, saliva, and other liquids during procedures. We hope dental facilities take advantage of this opportunity for free accessories to help elevate their mechanical rooms.”

Often overlooked, yet vital, the mechanical room serves as the beating heart of every dental facility. Its significance cannot be overstated. Its role in maintaining sterility, ensuring safety, enhancing efficiency, and promoting sustainability cannot be underestimated. It is the foundation upon which exceptional patient care and operational excellence are built. Recognizing the importance of the mechanical room is the first step toward elevating the standards of dental practice to new heights. Midmark aims to recognize the paramount importance of this space, through its variety of product offerings and promotions to ensure that every dental practice is equipped with what they need for optimal efficiency and streamlined operations. By offering complimentary accessories with qualifying air compressor and vacuum purchases, Midmark invites dental professionals to enhance their mechanical rooms, fortifying the backbone of their practices and, in turn, elevating the standard of care, per the press release.

Dentists can choose between a Buck Boost or Control Panel as long as this promotion is ongoing, so long as they purchase a Midmark air compressor or vacuum. Alternatively, those opting for the combined power of a vacuum and air compressor can enjoy 2 free accessories choosing between a Buck Boost or Control Panel and an NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator or Water Filter Bypass.

The last date to invoice and take shipment of products will be January 31st, 2024. To learn more about Midmark’s variety of promotions and products, visit their website here.

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