New ProEZ Gel™ Pre-Treatment Gel Effectively Precleans Soiled Instruments

Certol introduces product formulated to actively protect delicate instrumentation by dissolving corrosive blood soils during transport before damage can occur in vulnerable jointed areas.

ProEZ Gel™ Pre-Treatment Gel, a new, effective tool for precleaning soiled instruments and devices at point of use, is now available from Certol®, a Division of MicroCare, LLC. It features a unique innovative bio-generated action for targeted soil breakdown, even on complex sticky orthopedic and neurosurgical soils. This active soil breakdown combines with humectants to sustain moisture during holding and transport to reduce the risk of dangerous biofilm formation.

ProEZ Gel (patent pending) is applied to soiled instruments and devices as soon as possible after treatment is concluded and before transport to the final cleaning area. In addition to surgical departments, other point-of-use locations that will benefit from ProEZ Gel include dental clinics, labor and delivery rooms, emergency departments, free-standing surgery centers and other areas with reusable instruments and devices.

Gentle, neutral pH ProEZ Gel is tested for broad material compatibility and actively protects delicate instrumentation by dissolving corrosive blood soils during transport before damage can occur in vulnerable jointed areas.

“Certol originated the concept of a pre-treatment spray 20 years ago with ProEZ foam™ Foaming Enzymatic Spray. As Joint Commission and other accrediting agencies push for compliance at point-of-use with device cleaning instructions, healthcare facilities are now coming on board with a better understanding of the need for policies and effective products,” says Peggy Spitzer, RDH, M.A.Ed., Certol Clinical Educator. “My experience in working with hospitals and surgery centers to achieve consistent compliance reinforces the value of ProEZ Gel as a powerful new tool for pre-treatment. This product is far more effective than traditional gel sprays or wet towels for maintaining instrument preservation.”

ProEZ Gel helps facilities with standards and device compliance since it is easy for surgical teams and other departments to apply. It has a green tint to help monitor coverage and compliance with pretreatment protocols. ProEZ Gel is the ideal solution for 2 difficult challenges facing many facilities: (1) Overnight holding of contaminated instrumentation such as labor and delivery or emergency departments and (2) Transport of soiled instruments from off-site clinics to a Central Sterile Processing area or facility. ProEZ Gel is tested and validated to sustain moisture, continue soil breakdown, and protect instrumentation up to 72 hours holding time. ProEZ Gel is free rinsing to improve productivity and workflow in Central Sterile Processing. The bio-generated active soil breakdown is designed to now make final cleaning easier and more effective. ProEZ Gel may also be used as a spot treatment when case carts are backed up in Sterile Processing.