New MYST Automatic Toothbrush Designed to Work 12 Times Faster Than Manual

MYST is designed to deliver convenience and better overall hygiene appointments.

Designed to end time-consuming toothbrushing and ensure better overall hygiene appointments, MYST™ is a new automatic toothbrush from MystOralCare.

It utilizes Expansion Radius Technology™, which is said to create tens of thousands of sonic vibrating bubbles that help break up and remove plaque. MYST’s mouthpiece is an antibacterial silicone that is designed for comfort. This automatic toothbrush is said to offer dental-grade brushing and whitening of all teeth simultaneously in just 30 seconds.

Many people brush incorrectly or do not brush for the recommended length of time. As an automatic brush, MYST is said to make it virtually impossible to brush incorrectly. The brush also features a built-in LED blue whitening light to whiten teeth as it cleans. It’s also said to brush each tooth 8-times longer and 12-times faster than traditional brushing.

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