New Midwest® Stylus Plus Mini highspeed air handpiece allows deeper preps and increased visibility around bur

Dentsply Sirona has introduced the new Midwest® Stylus Plus Mini highspeed air handpiece. The new design features an improved grip and shorter head to allow deeper access, without compromising performance and durability.

"For years, Dentsply Sirona has been committed to developing high performance instruments that offer the ultimate integration of design, performance and integrity,” said Jason Coleman, Product Marketing Manager for Dentsply Sirona. “Our newest addition, the Midwest Stylus Plus Mini, is no exception.” 

The Midwest Stylus Plus Mini has a new patented grip design with a mix of dimpled and flats areas to help with intuitive index positioning. Additionally, the modified grip design provides clinicians with clear tactile feedback on hand orientation for a high degree of handpiece control. 

As part of the Midwest® Stylus Plus family of handpieces, the new Midwest Stylus Plus Mini integrates the exclusive Dynamic Speed Control technology. The combination of this technology and the new patented air foil allows the handpiece to help limit excess free speeds as well as reduce stopping time. In addition, as part of the Dentsply Sirona Midwest® High Speed product line, the new Midwest Stylus Plus Mini smaller head increases visibility without impacting the cutting power. 

Ceramic bearings, computer aided balancing, and tuned air flow make this an impressive addition to the powerful small heads in the Midwest line. Visit for more information about Dentsply Sirona and its products.