New Lexa Sterilizer Features More Capacity and Greater Efficiency

The Lexa unit from W&H is designed to offer more of what counts in everyday dental infection control: incredible capacity, efficiency and protection.

Featuring a high capacity inside and ideal dimensions outside, the new Lexa sterilizer from W&H is designed to fit perfectly into your reprocessing room. The efficient sterilizer was built to offer different cycles to fulfill the individual needs of clinicians: fastest programs according to the load with incredible hygiene standards, guaranteed by the closed-door drying process with HEPA filters and the use of fresh water for each cycle.

Additional features to enhance the user’s daily workflow include:

  • Incredible efficiency: With a large chamber capacity of 7.4 gallons, short cycle times and excellent load drying, Lexa provides a high throughput for your reprocessing needs.
  • Incredible flexibility: No matter how many treatments a day – Lexa comes equipped with 4 large trays and a unique rack that provides a larger surface for more loading options.
  • Incredible speed: Lexa offers versatile programs for different types of loads, reducing your overall cycle duration. Lexa’s fast cycle is specific for all types of instruments and sterilizes up to 18 lbs. or over 100 handpieces in just 30 minutes.
  • Incredible usability: Automatic water filling and drain valves (optional) can speed up your daily reprocessing activities. A user-friendly interface and a high-end 4.3” color touchscreen provide simple navigation to all sterilization options. Thanks to an Ethernet port (LAN) or Wi-Fi kit (optional), the W&H Steri App users can control up to 4 sterilizers.
  • Incredible protection: With user authentication and load release options, Lexa offers a customized traceability system. The integrated built-in USB data logger guarantees complete cycle documentation. An optional barcode label printer provides the “load – cycle – patient” link.

The new sterilizer provides professional sterilization for peace of mind reprocessing and infection prevention. With the Lexa sterilizer you can respond flexibly to upcoming challenges and increase safety for your patients and your practice team all within the W&H AIMS (Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions) workflow.