New Lab Supply Business Serving Orthodontic Labs, In-House Practice Labs

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Soogalu’s ‘modern lab supply business’ opens its doors to customers across the country.

Soogalu is a new lab supply business that wants to make orthodontic lab supplies for commercial labs and in-house practice labs simple. The company offers high-quality supplies through a modern experience designed to save time and streamline supply operations.

The new business— focused on commercial orthodontic labs and practice in-house labs—recently opened its doors to customers across the country. Backed by industry veterans with plenty of experience, Soogalu aims to provide a modern experience that helps customers change the lives of the patients they serve.


“Orthodontic labs and in-house practice labs need a supply business focused on their unique needs,” says Todd Blankenbecler, a partner at Soogalu. “This is why we are launching Soogalu. With our industry experience, we understand their business and want to help, offering top-quality supplies via a modern, easy ordering experience that saves time and streamlines operations.”

To achieve their company mission, Soogalu shared a number of core values in a press release, including the following:

  • Customer-first: Soogalu prioritizes the customer, both internally and externally.
  • Relationships matter: Respect for relationships formed and embracing opportunities is expected from each team member of Soogalu.
  • Find a better way: Soogalu constantly looks for innovative and efficient ways to improve, from products to technologies to sales experience.
  • A thirst for learning: Soogalu has an insatiable desire to learn, whether it be from new relationships, cutting-edge technology, or improving the company culture.
  • The best answer wins: While taking risks is part of success, ideas that result in better outcomes are embraced by every Soogalu team member.
  • Always show up: Hard work is part of the company culture at Soogalu.
  • Enjoy work that matters: Each day presents an opportunity for joy and fun through work that matters.

The company is launching with an initial product catalog focused on core items used every day by labs, including Keystone 3D printer resins and GoodFit retainer and aligner materials. The Soogalu product line of critical items, including wires, screws, acrylic, monomer, and other items, will be added soon. For more information, visit their website at