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New FASTCheck15 In-Office Waterline Test Delivers Rapid, Reliable Verification of Dental Waterline Safety


Sterisil launches new water treatment solution at CDA designed to allow practices to easily, economically test waterlines and ensure safety.

New FASTCheck15 In-Office Waterline Test Delivers Rapid, Reliable Verification of Dental Waterline Safety | Image Credit: © Sterisil

New FASTCheck15 In-Office Waterline Test Delivers Rapid, Reliable Verification of Dental Waterline Safety | Image Credit: © Sterisil

With a faster, better, economical process to make sure the water in dental practices is clean and safe, Sterisil® is hoping that its latest product launch will provide an easy, quick water treatment solution to ensure patient safety.

Sterisil, a leading provider of dental water safety solutions and a brand within the Solmetex® family, announced the launch and immediate availability of the FASTCheck15™ waterline test this week and showcased the product at the CDA Presents the Art + Science of Dentistry annual session in Anaheim, California.

Sterisil’s FASTCheck15™ is designed to help practices simplify the challenge of ensuring safe and clean water with speed, simplicity, and comprehensive support.

“We stepped back and said, ‘dentistry can do better with water safety,’” Scott Snyder, chief marketing officer, Solmetex, LLC, told Dental Products Report at the company’s booth Friday morning at the Anaheim Convention Center. “We can do better with water treatment tests and it’s better for patients.”

FASTCheck15 offers rapid, reliable results—delivering accurate results in just 15 minutes, unlike currently available testing methods which require mailing samples to a lab or in-office tests that can take days. Snyder says the process is like the simple COVID tests that became popular during the pandemic.

The easy-to-read test strip eliminates potential for interpretation error, with 1 line indicating a passed test and 2 lines signaling a failed result. Other tests currently available can be difficult to interpret, can take much more time to deliver results, and cost more, Snyder says.

 New FASTCheck15 In-Office Waterline Test Delivers Rapid, Reliable Verification of Dental Waterline Safety | Image Credit: © Stan Goff

The New FASTCheck15 In-Office Waterline Test was unveiled at the CDA, May 16-18, 2024. | Image Credit: © Stan Goff

The new test costs about half as much as paddle tests and only a fraction compared to lab tests, effectively removing the financial barrier that may prevent practices from testing regularly. “We want people to use it,” Snyder explains. “If you do this monthly you form a safety habit. The process needs to be easy for the dental assistants. They want everything to be safe for the patients.”

FASTCheck15 is backed by Sterisil’s Water Safety Team and the Solmetex® My Solutions Center, which provides dental practices with the resources they need to meet regulatory requirements. The flexible system can be used any day of the week, rather than being limited to certain days of the week to get mail-in lab test results during operating hours.

“In today’s modern, fast-paced dental practices, efficiency and patient safety are of the utmost importance,” Chanda Chatham, marketing director at Solmetex, adds in a press release this week. “FASTCheck15 addresses these critical needs by delivering accurate results in just 15 minutes. This rapid turnaround enables immediate action if warranted, or to promptly resume treating patients with the confidence that their water is safe for patients.”

The in-office water test is an essential component of the company’s comprehensive Sterisil® SafeWater Protocol, which seamlessly integrates with the broader Solmetex® System of Solutions to provide complete dental unit waterline (DUWL) management.

In February 2023 at the CDS Midwinter Meeting, the company launched the Solmetex System of Water Solutions consisting of a portfolio of products and services offered by the Sterisil and DryShield brands, as well as a complementary line of Solmetex products marketed under the PowerScrub, DryShield, Sterisil, and NXT brands. The system employs proven silver-based water treatment designed to deliver an odor-free and taste-free class-leading level of purity to the water coming into the dental office from the local water supply. The system also provides efficiency in testing and maintenance, the NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator, and the DXT DryVac tankless dry vacuum that delivers savings to practices by using less water.

Together, these solutions ensure that dental practices can consistently deliver safe, compliant water to patients. For more information about FASTCheck15™ and the Solmetex® System of Solutions, go to www.solmetex.com/fastcheck15.

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