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Check out the latest dental products, platforms, technologies, and more with this roundup of all the new products announced in the past week.

September 18, 2023

ProMate EZ-Q from Pac-Dent

ProMate EZ-Q Hygiene Handpiece from Pac-Dent | Image © Pac-Dent

Image © Pac-Dent

// Hygiene Handpiece

ProMate EZ-Q

The ProMate EZ-Q hygiene handpiece is designed to enhance procedural efficiency and precision for dental hygienistt. This advanced handpiece boasts a quick-disconnect mechanism, ensuring a seamless patient flow and simplifying sterilization procedures. Operating at speeds of up to 3000 rpm, the ProMate EZ-Q features an innovative swivel head design, providing clinicians with superior control and a 360-degree range of motion. With a universal prophy angle connection, it is compatible with various disposable prophy angle styles from a wide range of manufacturers. Moreover, the lube-free motor not only reduces maintenance but also contributes to the handpiece's durability and longevity. Made with a stainless steel exterior, the ProMate EZ-Q is autoclavable.



September 18, 2023

Dynamic Duo from Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

The Dynamic Duo from Buffalo Dental Manufacturing includes (L-R) the V35 Electric Handpiece, ThermaKnife with smoothing tip, and the ThermaKnife with cutting tip. Image Credit: © Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

The Dynamic Duo from Buffalo Dental Manufacturing includes (L-R) the V35 Electric Handpiece, ThermaKnife with smoothing tip, and the ThermaKnife with cutting tip. Image Credit: © Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

[ Lab Instrument Bundle ]

Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duocombines the company’s V35 Electric Handpiece; a high-powered, reliable value-priced 35,000 RPM electric handpiece system for dental laboratories,and the ThermaKnife™; an effective and time-saving tool for fast and easy trimming of bleaching trays, night guards, mouthguards,and 3D printed prostheses.This new bundle is designed to save dental labs time, money and bench space, and also make workflows more efficient–especially when detailing aligners.The new Dynamic Duo includes the following features and benefits:4 multi-speed options (14k, 22k, 27k, 35k rpm) said to enable ideal speed selection for most cutting needs; high-torque motor that provides smooth operation and powerful performance with less operator fatigue; fully adjustable temperature control for precise cutting action (the cutting tip heats ultra-fast and is designed to save time and eliminate waiting); A & B selection switch enables the use of 2 different Thermal Pens to reduce time and increase trimming productivity, according to the manufacturer; a lightweight pen features an ergonomic design and sharp, permanent tip for improved comfort and control; and an optional Heated Aligner Dimple Plier is also available, which is used for creating dimples in the aligner where the clinician wants to apply additional pressure to accelerate and/or guide tooth movement.

Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

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September 21, 2023

NeoScan 2000 from the Neoss Group

[ Intraoral Scanner ]

NeoScan 2000 from Neoss Group. Image: © Neoss Group

NeoScan 2000 from Neoss Group. Image: © Neoss Group

NeoScan™ 2000

NeoScan 2000, is a new wireless intraoral scanner from Neoss Group that is designed to streamline dental procedures. Building on the success of its predecessor, the NeoScan™ 1000, this groundbreaking technology is poised to redefine the digital impression landscape. One of the standout features of the NeoScan™ 2000 is its wireless technology, which provides unrestricted mobility during scanning. This newfound freedom allows for the effortless capture of even the most challenging proximal areas, ensuring comprehensive and precise digital impressions, per a press release from the company. Additionally, its long-range connectivity ensures stable and uninterrupted data transfer, eliminating the need for constant repositioning or signal dropouts. Neoss will also offer more free cloud storage for NeoScan users, enabling a streamlined workflow that will not encounter any storage snags.

Neoss Group |

September 22, 2023


[ Digital Imaging ]

OP 3D LX from DEXIS. Image: © DEXIS

OP 3D LX from DEXIS. Image: © DEXIS


DEXIS, a pioneer in dental imaging technology, is proud to unveil the groundbreaking OP 3D LX, a new generation of its notable OP 3D technology. This advanced panoramic imaging system brings a host of innovations designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities and streamline dental workflows, according to a press release from Dexis. The OP 3D LX boasts several notable features, such as: an expanded field of view (FOV), meaning dentists can now access larger FOV options of up to 15(H) x 20(D) cm, providing a more comprehensive view for accurate diagnoses; seamless artificial intelligence (AI) Integration, allowing the OP 3D LX to seamlessly integrate with the AI-powered DTX Studio™ Clinic software, offering dentists powerful tools for improved diagnosis and treatment planning; enhanced patient positioning for precise imaging; enhanced image clarity; and cloud-based connectivity which enables remote access for easy installation, maintenance, and improved practice efficiency. An embedded noise reduction feature, EPNR (Edge Preserving Noise Reduction), ensures clean, high-quality images with minimal artifacts, providing clinicians with detailed visibility in areas of interest.


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New Dental Products September 18 - 22, 2023

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