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New Dental Products September 11 - 15


Check out the latest dental products, platforms, technologies, and more with this roundup of the all the new products announced in the past week.

September 11, 2023

AirPay from AirPay

// Insurance Verification Software


AirPay software platform | Image © AirPay

Image © AirPay

AirPay is designed to streamline and automate the pre-appointment workflow for dental front desk teams. Integrated with popular practice management systems, it performs bulk insurance eligibility checks, reducing claim denials, missed collections, and administrative workload. This automation leads to time savings and lower stress levels for dental teams. Patients benefit from increased transparency on insurance plans and treatment costs, addressing cost-related barriers to healthcare. AirPay seamlessly integrates with various practice management platforms and offers compatibility with most dental practices.




New Dental Products September 11 - 15, 2023

September 12, 2023

Rodin™ Bond from Pac-Dent

Rodin Bond Dental Adhesive from Pac-Dent | Image © Pac-Dent

Image © Pac-Dent

// Dental Adhesive

Rodin™ Bond

An expansion of Pac-Dent's Rodin™ product line, Rodin™ Bond dental adhesive is a versatile light-cured material, optimized for both direct and indirect restorations. The adhesive boasts cutting-edge glass filler technology, that deeply permeates dentin tubules helping create tight structural bonds that reportedly outperform unfilled adhesive systems. Rodin Bond is compatible with a wide range of dental materials, including dentin, enamel, composites, zirconia, and commonly used metals. When paired with Rodin Sensiguard, a 2-in-1 desensitizer, and primer, it enhances the bond and also seals dentin tubules, reducing sensitivity and preventing caries formation beneath restorations. Both Rodin Bond and Sensiguard are designed for efficiency, featuring a user-friendly flip-top cap for precise adhesive dispensing and unit-dose packaging to preserve material integrity.




September 13, 2023

Product Updates from Align

[ Product Updates ]

Product Updates from Align. Image: © Align

Product Updates from Align. Image: © Align

Align Product Updates

Align has several new software and material updates for its treatment planning software, its iTero Element Plus series, its SmartForce attachment, and its Vivera retainer. Altogether, these updates have been made to streamline various Align workflows. First is the Plan Editor for Align’sClinCheck software. Plan Editor enables dentists to easily edit a treatment plan as needed, with changes going live in ClinCheck shortly thereafter. It will also ensure that patients receive the best treatment plan possible, as it can be modified as needed throughout the process. Next is new software Align Oral Health Suite, which is designed to allow clinicians to make custom oral health reports through the iTero Element series. Patients can better see dental and oral health conditions through easy visualization processes in the Oral Health Suite. Align has also announced a new feature for the SmartForce attachment, which cuts back on the need for double attachments, enhancing the esthetics of the aligner without sacrificing quality of care. Finally, Align has also announced a new subscription model for its Vivera retainers, allowing non-first time patients to order their retainer directly from their doctor to be shipped to their house. This will clear up space in the dental practice as well as save the patient a trip to the office. Note that this is only available to return Vivera users and that new patients will still be required to receive their first retainer through the dental practice. These new digital and material updates will strengthen Align’s roster of product offerings while providing new features that dentists and patients will desire.


602-742-2000 | aligntech.com

September 13, 2023

Invisalign Palatal Expander from Align

[ Palatal Expander ]

Invisalign Palatal Expander from Align. Image: © Align

Invisalign Palatal Expander from Align. Image: © Align

Invisalign Palatal Expander

This 3D-printed device safely expands skeletal and/or dental narrow maxilla for growing patients, eliminating the woes of uncomfortable metal expanders that require a screw to turn. These palatal expanders are formulated using a proprietary 3D-printing formula that proves safe and effective in rapid expansion. Said to be clinically effective, this 3D-printed innovation may provide a more comfortable alternative for growing patients who may be fearful of potential pain that would typically be associated with metal palatal expanders. This device is also said to assuage typical hygiene concerns by being removable. When used with Invisalign First aligners, dentists can create a full orthodontic solution for early intervention in younger patients, according to a press release from the company. The Invisalign Palatal Expander aims to hit markets in 2024 pending regulatory approval.


602-742-2000 | aligntech.com

September 13, 2023

Cocoshine from Cocofloss

[ Toothpaste ]

Cocoshine from Cocofloss. Image: © Cocofloss

Cocoshine from Cocofloss. Image: © Cocofloss


The newest toothpaste to hit the market from oral care company Cocofloss is Cocoshine, a whitening, nano-hydroxyapatite formula that is designed to tackle 4 important tasks simultaneously. It’s built to whiten, repair sensitivity, balance the oral microbiome, and rebuild enamel strength, all while being a gentle and refreshing toothpaste, according to a press release from the company. Its formulation of nano-hydroxyapatite is said to get down below the surface of the tooth to remineralize, therefore building it back up to a strong and healthy tooth. At the same time, this formula is also said to repair microcracks in the enamel, creating a smoother and whiter tooth. To address hypersensitivity, nano-hydroxyapatite can replace minerals lost and fill dentinal tubules. Cocoshine’s nano-hydroxyapatite is sourced directly from Fluidinova. Alongside the nano-hydroxyapatite (nanoXIM)Cocoshine also contains some key ingredients to create a healthy smile, including xylitol, coconut oil, and aloe vera. Cocoshine’s baking soda, silica, and nano-hydroxyapatite replace peroxide to whiten, eliminating the potentially abrasive chemical in favor of gentler alternatives. It contains no sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, artificial dyes, or sweeteners. Cocoshine is cruelty-free and vegan, per the press release, and comes in 2 different flavors called Delicious Mint and Lychee Breeze. Cocoshine is Cocofloss’s latest offering, joining a variety of oral care products such as toothbrushes and floss.


855-661-4719 | cocofloss.com

September 14, 2023

NeoTell from Neoss Group

Neoss Group Introduces NeoTell Implant Stability Measurement Solution | Image © Neoss Group

Image © Neoss Group

// Implant Stability Testing


Developed in partnership with Osstell AB, NeoTell™, is a new implant stability testing device from Neoss Group. NeoTell™ provides swift and precise implant stability assessment using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) technology. This affordable solution delivers an objective stability score, aiding both clinicians and patients in treatment decisions. The user-friendly device does not require any invasive procedures and enhances patient outcomes. NeoTell™, compatible with SmartPegs™, offers convenient and sterile stability testing, contributing to more accurate treatment planning and patient satisfaction.




September 14, 2023

Lighthouse 360+ from Henry Schein One

[ Patient Communication ]

Lighthouse 360+ from Henry Schein One. Image: © Henry Schein One.

Lighthouse 360+ from Henry Schein One. Image: © Henry Schein One.

Lighthouse 360+

Henry Schein’s Lighthouse360 platform gets a boost with a new Lighthouse360+ platform that is said to work with any practice management system (PMS), according to a press release from the company.1Described as “vendor-agnostic” in the press release, Lighthouse360+ enables any dental practice, whether that be small or even group practices, to take advantage of its features. These features include online patient scheduling to make scheduling easier on patients and the practice; digital customizable forms that automate intake and write that information back to the PMS, saving time and paper hassle for the front desk; an integrated phone system that can send a missed-call text to bring in new patients; payment reminders to simplify payment workflows and ensure that payments get to the office in a timely manner; and reputation management which calls on patients to review the practice regularly and act as a marketing tool for new patients. Lighthouse 360+ has an easy-to-use dashboard that will ensure office managers and front office staff can work smoothly and efficiently without worrying about incompatibility with various PMSs. Because patient communication is so vital to patient retention, marketing, and overall patient satisfaction, Lighthouse 360+ provides a great opportunity to eliminate no-show woes.

Henry Schein One

800-336-8749 | henryscheinone.com

September 15, 2023

Practice Analytics from Weave

[ Data Insights ]

Practice Analytics from Weave. Image: © Weave

Practice Analytics from Weave. Image: © Weave

Practice Analytics

Practice experience platform Weave has unveiled a new addition to its software suite––Practice Analytics. This innovative feature promises to revolutionize the way dental practices operate by providing them with the tools to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing patient care and fostering business growth, according to a press release from Weave. Practice Analytics aims to be a game-changer for practices utilizing Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft practice management software. It expands on Weave's existing capabilities in Message Analytics and Phone Analytics, offering dental professionals a comprehensive set of performance metrics in real time. These metrics include critical indicators such as patient retention, appointment scheduling efficiency, treatment acceptance rates, and revenue generation. Practice Analytics will also show dental offices any unscheduled restorative or hygiene treatment plans, cancellations, the average time between treatments, all while enabling easy patient communication through the mobile application. Armed with this information, dental practices can create focus areas to improve on and streamline everyday operations. This powerful analytics tool empowers dental practices to track missed opportunities related to patient care, patient volumes, revenue, and resource utilization. It also helps them identify untapped growth opportunities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Weave's commitment to user-friendliness ensures that any staff member can navigate and interpret the data, according to the press release.


888-579-5668 | getweave.com

New Dental Products September 11 - 15, 2023

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