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Check out all the new dental product launches from May 15 through May 19, 2023.

May 22, 2023

Aluminum Oxide

[ Abrasive ]

Dental Creations Aluminum Oxide RGB White Background for Website Use

Aluminum Oxide | image © Dental Creations

Aluminum Oxide

Available in 45 micron, 280 grit, Aluminum Oxide is a dental grade abrasive that is suited for use in dental microabrasion applications, as well as divesting and cleaning appliances. The fine grade non-contaminating powder is designed for use with pressure blasting systems and air brushes. The material is reportedly 99.42% pure electro-fused Aluminum Oxide.

Dental Creations

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May 16, 2023

BFC3 Impression Gun from Ultradent

[ Impression Gun ]

The BFC3 Impression Gun from Ultradent. Image: © Ultradent Products, Inc.

The BFC3 Impression Gun from Ultradent. Image: © Ultradent Products, Inc.

The BFC3™ Impression Gun

Ultradent has released its first cordless, handheld impression gun, designed specifically to express dental impression material in an efficient and precise way. The BFC3 impression gun is compatible with 25 ml, 50 ml, and 75 ml 1:1 or 2:1 automix catridges, and can dispense up to 60 full 50 ml heavy body VPS cartrdiges on a fully charged battery. Combining this compatibility with BFC3’s anti-drip feature, which momentarily reverses the plunger to prevent waste when dispensing, this impression gun is designed with convenience in mind. It is compatible with ThermoClone™ VPS and Chromaclone™ PVS impression material lines, alginate alternative material, bite registration, and impression mixing tips, according to a press release from Ultradent. Other convenience-boosting features include a full charge time of 2.5 hours and a battery-status LED indicator, so you always know when it’s time to plug back in. The device also features overcharge protection circuitry to prevent any issues. A key feature with the BFC3 is its ability to grant adjustable flow rates for better control of impression expression. This will enable clinicians to have optimal control over the amount of material they are expressing for each treatment and procedure. This, combined with the BFC3’s other variety of features, guarantees a powerful device for impression expression.

Ultradent Products, Inc.

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May 22, 2023

Tri Auto ZX2+ Endodontic Handpiece from J. Morita

[ Endodontic Handpiece ]

Tri Auto ZX2+

Tri Auto ZX2+

This 3rd generation cordless endodontic handpiece features an integrated apex locator and a number of new features to enhance ease of use and clinical safety. Now compatible with both rotary and reciprocating files, the Tri Auto ZX2+ offers Optimum Glide Path 2 reciprocating mode that reportedly helps reduce file binding and the risk of files breaking in the canal, and Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) technology, which works with any file type and reportedly helps prevent jamming and breakage of rotary files by automatically alternating between forward and reverse rotation when the motor encounters resistance in the canal.

J. Morita

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May 18, 2023

RDH Elevate from Orascoptic

New RDH Elevate Frame Loupes Designed for Comfort and Style

[ Loupes ] 

RDH Elevate

New RDH Elevate loupes were designed to eliminate discomfort and distractions while still prioritizing style. Orascoptichas added thenew fashion-forward, lightweight metal frame to its popular line of RDH loupes. Designed with the dental hygienist in mind, the RDH Elevate frame is described as the perfect union of fashion and functionality.This frame is tailor-made for loupes with a titanium base to ensure durability, while still offering a fashion-centric option to the stylish dental hygienist. Available in 5“stunning” colors, RDH Elevate employs rich features such as flexible temple arms, adjustable temple tips, an adjustable nose pad, and built-in headlight cable control.



May 18, 2023

RevenueWell Starter, RevenueWell Professional, RevenueWell Premium

RevenueWell Starter, RevenueWell Professional, RevenueWell Premium marketing solutions

[ Marketing Solutions ] 

RevenueWell Starter, RevenueWell Professional, RevenueWell Premium

Designed to provide maximum value at reduced costs, while catering to the unique requirements of dental practices at every stage of business maturity, RevenueWell has 3 new innovative integrated product bundles: RevenueWell Starter, RevenueWell Professional, and RevenueWell Premium. With a focus on simplifying operations and enhancing practice efficiency, the bundles are said to empower dental practices with tailored solutions that align with their specific needs. RevenueWell Starter offers an “essentials” version of the RevenueWell Marketing Platform. This cost-effective bundle includes core capabilities for managing patient communications and reminders, making it an attractive choice for new or smaller practices, according to the company. Unlike entry-level solutions, it provides deep insights and analytics, as well as the option to seamlessly upgrade to the full solution when the practice is ready, eliminating the hassle and expense of switching vendors. RevenueWell Professional includes the full RevenueWell Marketing Platform and its set of robust marketing capabilities including all the capabilities in Starter plus advanced marketing and reactivation campaigns, CDT code-specific templates, patient portals, patient reviews, and social media management. The Professional bundle also includes RevenueWell Phone and RevenueWell Forms. This solution is designed to meet the full end-to-end patient marketing and communication needs for a mature practice looking to simplify practice operations and maximize production. RevenueWell Premium includes all the capabilities of the Professional edition plus a full website redesign (and associated monthly hosting costs) and ADA® TV, a streaming dental video service that can support chairside consults with high-end professional video content while also delivering a professional waiting room experience for patients. RevenueWell’s bundles simplify operations, reduce costs, and provide exceptional value, enabling practices to manage their full front-office and marketing needs with a single vendor. 



May 18, 2023

Generative AI and Large Language Models from Bola AI

[ Artificial Intelligence ]

New technology for the Bola AI voice-powered Clinical Notes platform. Image: © Bola Technologies, Inc.

New technology for the Bola AI voice-powered Clinical Notes platform. Image: © Bola Technologies, Inc.

Generative AI & Large Language Models for Clinical Notes

Artificial intelligence (AI) company Bola AI has announced that it will be implementing generative AI and large language models (LLMs) into its dental patient charting notes platform later in 2023. The generative AI will supplement Bola AI’s voice notes feature, allowing clinicians to transcribe voice notes and patient-charting quickly and accurately to free up time. Bola AI’s Clinical Notes software integrates with the practice management software and, with its added Voice Perio system, dental staff can record data into client PMs and electronic health records (EHRs) systems with no issue. Clinical Notes trains specifically using dental vocabulary and aims to create a powerful AI tool for dental practices Clinical Notes also contains standardized templates for insurance and documentation and can be used with any desktop-based EHR. Generative AI and LLMs will continue to push this technology forward, enabling practice staff to trim time spent on note-taking and focus more on patients and practice growth. Generative AI and LLMs are expected to become available through Clinical Notes later this year.

Bola AI

May 22, 2023 3D Printing Solution from Glidewell

[ 3D Printing ] 3D Printing Solution. Image: © Glidewell 3D Printing Solution. Image: © Glidewell™ 3D Printing Solution

Glidewell has partnered with 3D printing company LuxCreo to launch its newest solution, the 3D Printing Solution. LuxCreo’s fully integrated solutions comprised of cloud-connected 3D printers, artificial intelligence-enabled software, and materials, will now work in tandem with the™ In-Office Solution. This 3D printing solution will combine LuxCreo and the In-Office Solution to offer clinicians an efficient and effective 3D printing solution, according to a press release from the companies. A variety of different restorations and appliances can be created using the solution, including models, nightguards, and with recent FDA Class II 510(k) clearance, same-day clear aligners. To boost efficiency, the 3D print solution enables clinicians to directly print clear appliances with LuxCreo Digital Polishing™. The printer is said to require minimal post-processing in comparison with other 3D systems, allowing clinicians to cut out hassle and save time. Dental professionals can use Glidewell resins to craft the appliances that their patients need most. The workflow is designed to be user-friendly, boosting its accessibility to clinicians and labs. The 3D Printing Solution will exclusively be available through Glidewell, with bundling options including both the™ Scanning Solution and the™ In-Office Mill.


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May 22, 2023

I-Max 3D PRO CBCT from Owandy

[ Digital Imaging ]

The I-Max 3D PRO CBCT from Owandy. Image: © Owandy Radiology.

The I-Max 3D PRO CBCT from Owandy. Image: © Owandy Radiology.


Owandy’s newest I-Max 3D Pro CBCT unit was unveiled at the CDA Meeting in Anaheim, California, and is designed with features for image quality, analysis, and clarity in mind. These features include a new generation CMOS sensor, a high resolution of 7272 μ Voxels for 3D HD volumes, an optional integrated artificial intelligence for ceph analysis, and the reduction of metal artifacts via Owandy’s AutoMAR and sensor geometric correction. Not only does the I-Max 3D Pro CBCT unit contains these features for performance, but is also physically smaller for a reduced environmental footprint, sitting at 93 lbs. It features a face-to-face patient position for enhanced patient communication.

Owandy Radiology

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