New Dental Products – March 27-31, 2023


Don't miss the details on any of the newest dental products with the rundown of all the new products announced between March 27-31, 2023.

Check out the details of all the new dental products announced between March 27 and March 31, 2023.

March 31, 2023

The Planmeca Imprex from Planmeca USA

The Planmeca Imprex™ mobile scanning station to support dental professionals in intraoral scanning and patient communication is designed to fit any clinical setup.

[ Intraoral Scanning ]

Planmeca Imprex

The Planmeca Imprex™ mobile scanning station to support dental professionals in intraoral scanning and patient communication is designed to fit any clinical setup. The mobile scanning station allows dental professionals to impress their patients with high-quality digital impressions. It features a 15’’ touch screen and can be moved freely close to any dental unit, giving patients the chance to view their intraoral scans and treatment plans together with their dentist while sitting comfortably in the patient chair. Planmeca Imprex has an integrated high-performance PC with a pre-installed Planmeca Romexis® suite, which is immediately ready for use with the Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanner for capturing digital impressions–just plug and scan. Thanks to the built-in LAN and Wi-Fi connection, the intraoral scans captured on the station are stored to Romexis database and immediately available for further use on any workstation in the same network. The scans can also be sent to external partners or laboratories directly from the station. The touch screen of the scanning station is located on a 50 cm monitor arm and can be moved to an optimal angle to suit different working positions for the clinician. The medical-grade device is optimally suited for treatment rooms and can be disinfected with wipes.

Planmeca USA Inc.

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New Dental Products – March 27-31, 2023

March 28, 2023

The Planmeca Viso G3 from Planmeca USA

Planmeca Viso G3 CBCT unit

[ CBCT Unit ]

Planmeca Viso G3

Planmeca Viso® G3, the newest member of the company’s Planmeca Viso® family of CBCT units, is a true multifunctional CBCT device, covering all extraoral imaging needs from 2D to 3D imaging. The unit brings industry-leading usability and visibility for various clinical needs, including endodontic treatments and implant planning. With a field of view (FOV) ranging from 3 x 3 to 20 x 10 cm, the unit not only offers high-quality 3D images of the entire dentition, but is able to capture detailed panoramic as well as extraoral bitewing images for interproximal diagnostics. Additionally, the unit can be equipped with the Planmeca ProCeph™ one-shot cephalostat and, when the time is right, upgraded to Planmeca Viso® G5 for a larger maximum 3D volume. The new imaging unit also features easy-to-use imaging programs, a live video view for successful patient positioning and virtual FOV adjustments, freely adjustable 3D volume size and anatomical target selection as well as scientifically proven Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging. For added confidence and to reduce the need for retakes, it also enables scout imaging for fine tuning the 3D volume before acquisition, according to the manufacturer. It has been designed with the ALADA principle in mind to ensure that images are captured with the lowest possible patient doses while maintaining diagnostically acceptable image quality. For livelier patients, the unit can also be enhanced with Planmeca CALM® movement artifact correction, which can be applied either before exposure or after the scan is complete.

Planmeca USA Inc.


March 31, 2023

Bulk Texting from Weave

Bulk Texting | Weave

[ Patient Communication ]
Weave Bulk Texting

Bulk Texting is a new feature for Weave’s product suite that gives businesses the ability to send a single text to hundreds of customers at once while curating recipient lists and dynamic fields to deliver customized content. Bulk Texting will allow these messages to be sent directly from the business 10-digit phone number instead of the 5-digit short code numbers that often get ignored by customers. The new feature is said to offer the scheduling of targeted messages to hundreds of customers at once based on filters such as age, appointment type, time since the last appointment, and more. It is designed to save staff time and add efficiency for small- and medium-sized healthcare offices. Other highlights of this feature include bulk text summary, which keeps the business informed with an overview of how many texts will be sent and how many remain for the current month; dynamic fields, which allows for personalized messages that automatically populate with essential information; and schedule send, which allows the business to choose to send bulk texts immediately, on a future date, or customize how many messages to send per day.



April 5, 2023

Visalys Fill and Visalys Flow from Kettenbach

Visalys Fill and Flow | Image Credit: Kettenbach LP

Visalys Fill and Flow

[ Composite Materials ]

Visalys® Fill and Flow

Kettenbach LP has created an expansion of its Visalys family of composites with new Visalys Fill and Visalys Flow light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid filling materials. These materials are indicated for Class I to VI fillings. There is a Flex Shade System within Fill and Flow that is said to offer enhanced esthetics through its VITA A1-D4 shade matching. It also offers a Bleach shade and OA2 opaque shade for even more shade flexibility. Visalys Fill is designed with easy handling and modeling in mind, and is said to not stick to instruments. Visalys Flow contains a low viscosity that allows for good wetting and adaptation to cavity walls. It is also suitable for anterior and posterior restorations. Both Fill and Flow are comprised of high inorganic filler content which is said to result in high flexural strength. Combining these mechanical properties with its Flex Shade System, Kettenbach aims to offer a highly durable and esthetic filling material.

Kettenbach LP

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New Dental Products – March 27-31, 2023

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