New Dental Products – March 20-24, 2023


Don't miss the details on any of the newest dental products with the rundown of all the new products announced between March 20-24, 2023.

Check out the details of all the new dental products announced between March 20 and March 24, 2023.

March 21, 2023

Romexis Smart from Planmeca

[Artificial Intelligence Software]

Planmeca Romexis® Smart

Planmeca Romexis® Smart are artificial intelligence (AI) tools for its Planmeca Romexis software platform. The feature allows the segmentation and recognition of anatomies, such as teeth, nerves, jaws, airways, and sinuses. This enables easier and faster use of the software and excellent visualization of the case for patient education. With the help of AI, CBCT images and intraoral scans are automatically mapped. Thanks to the automatic tooth number recognition, a CBCT volume can be easily navigated just by clicking on the tooth number in the tooth chart, and the software centers all views on the tooth of interest.


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New Dental Products – March 20-24, 2023

March 20, 2023

Piezomed Module from W&H Dental

Piezoed Module | W&H Dental

[Surgery Module]

Piezomed Module

The Piezomed module is an easy add-on solution for the Implantmed Plus that creates new treatment options for patients. The Piezomed is said to be a true game changer in piezo surgery. Its modular design is said to allow the device to be adapted to the user’s specific requirements across specialties, including periodontal, oral surgery, and dental implant surgery. The Piezomed module is designed to simplify the processes in oral surgery and implantology, as users do not always have the correct device on hand for use in compact spaces. The modular system’s standardized operation simplifies the practice team’s daily workflow. The system requires only 1 irrigation tube and 1 saline solution, which enables optimized handling. In the Piezomed Classic, W&H has 2 module versions available to meet all piezo surgery requirements in practice for either day-to-day or intensive use.


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March 21, 2023

Fast Arch Printing from Formlabs

Form 3B+ | Formlabs Dental

[3D Print Settings]

Fast Arch Printing

Fast Arch Printing print settings allow for quick model printing on the Form 3B+ and the Form 3B. These print settings enable users to print 8 dental arches in 20 minutes and a single dental arch in less than 10 minutes using Draft Resin. This is said to allow dentists to deliver a retainer to a patient in under 30 minutes, including washing, curing, and thermoforming.


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March 21, 2023

Fast Cure Post-Processing Unit from Formlabs

Fast Cure Post Processing Unit | Formlabs

[ Post-Processing Curing Unit ]

Fast Cure

Fast Cure is a new post-processing curing unit that is said to complete the curing of a splint in 6 minutes, compared to 60 minutes for the same splint in the standard Form Cure print. Total workflow times—from scanning a patient to delivering the final model—are dependent on curing times, the press release stated. With 50 LED lights, higher light intensity levels, and no preheating required, Fast Cure can also produce dental models in 1-3 minutes, crowns and bridges in 5 minutes, and occlusal guards in 6 minutes depending on the material used. According to Formlabs, the company’s dental resins have been tested with Fast Cure to ensure safety. Fast Cure active cooling keeps the exterior cool to the touch.


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March 21, 2023

PreForm Dental Workspace from Formlabs

PreForm | Formlabs

[3D Printing Software]

PreForm Dental

PreForm Dental is the company’s new workspace that optimizes print preparation setup for dental parts with pre-programmed settings for each indication. This saves time and improves standardization in your workflow. PreForm Dental is designed to achieve 3 goals; save time; improve print success rate; and add conformity to your workflow. PreForm enables plug-and-play integration with your existing workflow for a seamless experience. From generating printable models directly from patient scans to optimizing your parts with advanced features, PreForm delivers a validated dental workflow. It is free to download and use.


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March 21, 2023

Tooth-Colored Temporary Resin Bleach Shade from Formlabs

Temporary CB Resin Bleach Shade | Formlabs

[Resin Bleach Shade]

Temporary CB Resin Bleach

The new extra white Bleach shade of Temporary CB Resin is designed for temporary crown and bridge restorations, inlays, onlays, and veneers, providing excellent marginal adaptation, strength, and esthetics. This tooth-colored resin can be using in traditional temporary cements to fix restorations and last up to 12 months. Designed with Formlabs partner, Bego, the new Temporary CB Resin will help dentists deliver even brighter smiles. It is indicated for up to 7-unit bridges and is available in 5 shades, including the new bleach shade.


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March 23, 2023

The E3 Milling Machine from vhf

vhf Introduces Milling Machine for Cutting Out Ortho Appliances | Image Credit: © vhf

vhf Introduces Milling Machine for Cutting Out Ortho Appliances

[ Trimming Machine ]


vhf has unveiled its newest milling machine, the E3, which is designed to cut out thermoformed appliances such as aligners, splints, and others. The E3 Milling Machine uses TRIMCAM software to recognize the so-called trimline on which the appliance will be milled out from the planning data, according to a press release from vhf. E3 weighs in at 25 kg, making it compact enough to fit anywhere. It also features CNC production and can be operated from anywhere in the lab or practice. ES also features a collection draw for chips to eliminate the need for an external suction unit. It is said to be manufactured using high quality components to make for easier maintenance and enhanced durability.

Vhf, Inc

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March 23, 2023

New Dental Intelligence Insurance from Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence Announces New Insurance Eligibility Check Module Powered by Vyne Dental

Dental Intelligence Announces New Insurance Eligibility Check Module Powered by Vyne Dental

[ Software Module ]

Dental Intelligence Insurance

Software provider Dental Intelligence has announced a new module powered by Vyne Dental® called Dental Intelligence Insurance. This module is said to do real-time eligibility verification as well as claims processing, according to a press release from Dental Intelligence. With it, practices can verify patient information and insurance benefits in a more efficient, streamlined way. It eliminates the need for phone calls, and with its real-time nature, allows practices to check the status of any claim through relevant notifications. Document submission is unlimited not requiring any extra charge, and it utilizes X12 formatting for uniform documentation. The module works with Dental Intelligence Analytics and Engagement.

Dental Insurance

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March 23, 2023

A New Treatment Planning Software Integration from Candid and SoftSmile

Candid Announces Strategic Partnership with SoftSmile

Candid Announces Strategic Partnership with SoftSmile

[ Treatment Planning Software Integration ]

CandidPro & SoftSmile VISION

Candid has announced a new strategic partnership with orthodontic software company SoftSmile Inc. Through this partnership, Candid’s orthodontic platform, CandidPro, will now have SoftSmile’s VISION treatment planning software incorporated in, allowing providers to leverage these tools to make treatment more accessible, according to a press release from the companies. VISION is a United States Food and Drug Administration-cleared treatment planning solution that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to offer orthodontists a variety of vital features such as automated segmentation and staging optimization that are said to reduce treatment planning time up to 95%. Combined with CandidPro’s enhanced features, this partnership will allow for the best patient care. CandidPro will also include VISION features such as bite ramps shift, automated attachments placement, AI-powered staging optimization, multiple attachment types, 3D controls, robust treatment planning, CBCT integration, matching, and other features to its line of products, per the press release.

SoftSmile |


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March 23, 2023

The Gen 2 Aligner Model Solution from Carbon

Carbon Launches Gen 2 Aligner Model Solution

Carbon Launches Gen 2 Aligner Model Solution

[ Clear Aligner Printing Solution ]

Carbon® Gen 2 Aligner Solution

3D printing company Carbon has announced a new aligner production solution to reduce cost per part. The Carbon Gen 2 aligner solution is comprised of the Carbon L1 printer, solventless spin cleaning solution, and API-based software that automates the hollowing, nesting, and batching of models to be printed, according to a press release from carbon. The automated hollowing software is said to increase part throughput of up to 65% when paired with the new UMA 20 resin from Carbon, per Carbon testing, and saves resin per part. With the solvent-free model, cleaning waste is eliminated. This new model solution integrates into Carbon’s existing clear aligner workflow and, with the new key feature of automated hollowing, gives Carbon customers the ability to reduce material consumption while still increasing input. This new solution is expected to be available for customers in the second half of 2023.


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March 23, 2023

elements Connect and Apex Connect from Kerr Dental

[ Endodontics ]

elements Connect and Apex Connect

Designed to work independently or together, Kerr’s elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect are described as a complete shaping solution.elements Connect is a cordless endodontic motor and Apex Connect is an electronic apex locator. elements Connect operates in standard rotary, reciprocation, and adaptive motions allowing doctors to use their preferred motion during root canal treatment. The motor with Apex Connect can be coupled to unlock real-time working length reading during instrumentation of the root canal.elements Connect and Apex Connect can be used in tandem by clinicians or as standalone devices to simplify shaping procedures, enhance doctors' confidence, and aid patient safety. Apex Connect provides users with real-time working length indications of root canal depth via an easy-to-read, full-color, and angled display. The confidence-boosting smart light and sound indicators alert the enhanced precision during shaping procedures, according to Kerr.

Kerr Dental


March 23, 2023

ProEZ Gel Aerosol from MicroCare Medical

ProEZ Gel™ Aerosol pre-treatment spray

[ Instrument Cleaning ]

ProEZ Gel Aerosol

ProEZ Gel™ Aerosol pre-treatment spray is a point-of-use surgical instrument pre-treatment gel that helps prevent the drying of soils on dirty surgical instruments during transport to sterile processing. ProEZ Gel Aerosol has an over 2-and-a-half times wider spray pattern than other pre-treatment gels on the market allowing for greater and more uniform coverage, resulting in fewer applications and over 50% less waste of product, according to MicroCare Medical. The wider spray also reduces the precision required to completely cover instruments and keep soils moist without having to handle the instruments. Featuring a new and unique bio-generated enzymatic action formula, it is powerful enough for every case and soil, including sticky fats. The aerosol gel has no sticky residue while retaining moisture for easy rinsing and fewer applications while also preventing the deposition of 93% of organic protein soil over a 72-hour testing period. The fragrance-free formula allows for a more pleasant user experience. ProEZ Gel Aerosol is the latest edition to the ProEZ family of surgical instrument pre-treatment products, which are designed to improve productivity and protect valuable instrumentation.

MicroCare Medical


March 23, 2023

NextDent LCD1 from 3D Systems

The new NextDent LCD1 3D printing platform features a smaller footprint, easy-to-use printer designed to deliver high-quality results.

[ 3D Printer ]

NextDent LCD1

The new NextDent LCD1 3D printing platform features a smaller footprint, easy-to-use printer designed to deliver high-quality results. The compact footprint combined with simple touchscreen operation makes this an ideal printer for use in small office environments where the production volumes may be less demanding. It uses LCD technology and features auto-calibration to deliver parts with a very smooth surface finish, said to be 3X faster than is possible with stereolithography (SLA) printers. When combined with the company’s resins and new NextDent Wash & Cure for post-processing, clinicians have an easy-to-use workflow that delivers high-quality results.

3D Systems


March 23, 2023

NextDent Cast from 3D Systems

NextDent Cast is a residue-free, easy burn-out 3D printing material suited for a variety of applications including RPDs, crowns, and bridges.

[ 3D Printing Material ]

NextDent Cast

3D Systems has expanded its portfolio of dental 3D printing materials enabling dental laboratories and clinics to address a wide range of applications such as trays, orthodontic and prosthodontic models, surgical guides, dentures, orthodontic splints, crowns, and bridges. The new NextDent Castis a residue-free, easy burn-out 3D printing material suited for a variety of applications including RPDs, crowns, and bridges. The latest version which produces parts in blue color enables improved printability and easier burn-out and provides a castable part that is designed to be stable and strong.

3D Systems


March 23, 2023


The Magnet-X is a removable Wrap-Around bar that offers a new solution for All-on-X patients.

[ Removable Implant Bar ]


Described as the world’s first removable magnetic implant bar, the Magnet-X provides permanent stable magnetic retention that maintains the denture in place. Part of the company’s Integrated Bar product line, the Magnet-X is a removable Wrap-Around bar that offers a new solution for All-on-X patients. It was developed with technical advice from Miles Reed Cone, DMD, and the Magnet-X is a first in that it responds to geriatric patients’ needs. The magnetic forces guide the denture to the correct position and keep it in place. The magnets self-align the bar into right position autonomously. The patient does not need to find the right position or chew to get the denture into place. The magnetic male and female parts provide a durable solution and constant retention with no wear parts to replace. Thanks to the custom abutments that are included with the bar, it offers divergent implant flexibly with up to 30 degrees correction. The custom abutments are straight on implants, so you do not need additional multi-units. In addition to the magnetic advantages, the Magnet-X offers the same benefits as the Nylon Integrated BarTM: it is perpendicular to the occlusal plane, compatible with over 200 implant platforms and provides the same ease of handling and hygienic advantages of a removable prosthesis.

Panthera Dental

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New Dental Products – March 20-24, 2023

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