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New Dental Products – March 18 - March 22, 2024


All the latest dental product launches from March 18 through March 22, 2024.

March 19, 2024

Energy CTZ3 Cement from TAUB Products

Image Credit: © TAUB Products

Image Credit: © TAUB Products

/// Cement

Energy CTZ3 Cement

The new Energy CTZ3 Cement from TAUB Products is formulated for an optimal chemical bond to 3D printed ceramic resins, standard ceramic, titanium, zirconia, non-precious and semi-precious metal, acrylics, peek, and tooth structure.The cement features a working time of 3.5 minutes, and does not require a bonding agent. The highly radiopaque material has a 10-micron minimum film thickness, and is developed for multiple unit cementation and full-arch final restorations.The versatile Energy CTZ3 Cement can be used for multiple ceramic or zirconia crowns to titanium abutments, ti-bars, tooth structure, zirconia full-arch restoration to titanium bar, 3D printed single, multi-unit, full-arch final restorations, and more.

Currently available in white A2 syringes, a clear syringe will be offered soon, according to TAUB Products. Additional features include an Instant Auto-Mix ready to go out of the tip, and a dual cure: tack light cure <5 sec; full light cure 20 sec; and the working time of3.5 minutes. For shorter work time requirements (1 Minute or Less) TAUB Products offersEnergy CTZ1 (clear) and Energy CTZ1 (white), each in 5.4 mL syringes.

TAUB Products


New Dental Products – March 18 - March 22, 2024

March 20, 2024

PermaForm Retainers from Candid

PermaForm Retainers from Candid | Image Credit: © Candid

Image Credit: © Candid

// Retainers

PermaForm Retainers

Designed to enhance provider confidence and patient comfort, PermaForm Retainers are fabricated from Zendura A, a material that reportedly provides the optimal mix of durability, crack resistance, and force retention. PermaForm retainers are made from material that makes them extremely discreet and nearly transparent when in use. Manufactured using a thermoforming process similar to CandidPro's aligners, PermaForm retainers provide a snug fit tailored to the unique dentition of each patient, instilling confidence in providers and ensuring optimal clinical outcomes. The retainers will be available in quantities of 1 to 4, and they are available for any patient who requires a retainer, regardless of whether or not they completed CandidPro clear aligner treatment.


844-295-6915 | candidpro.com

March 20, 2024

DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10 from DEXIS

DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10 | Image Credit: © DEXIS

Image Credit: © DEXIS

/// Implants Workflow

DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10
In a continued effort to enhance dental implant workflow efficiencies, DEXIS has unveiled its latest intraoral scanning update, DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10. This update encompasses a range of new guided workflows, artificial intelligence- (AI-) driven enhancements, and integration capabilities with DEXIS Imaging Suite software version 10. The integration of IS ScanFlowallows DEXIS 10 users to seamlessly access IS ScanFlow directly from the DEXIS Imaging Suite. It is designed to streamline the management of patient imaging history, consolidating it into a single location for informed decision-making. The latest version of IS ScanFlow, v1.0.10, aims to enhance productivity through AI-driven tools specifically tailored for dentists. A brand-new AI Matching tool is said to simplify data capture in complex scenarios such as multiple scan bodies and cases of full or partial edentulism.Additionally, algorithm enhancements to the Implant Scan Body AI Assist tool automatically detect scan bodies, reduce noise in the data, correct artifacts, and enhance details, further automating the process of precise data capture.IS ScanFlow v 1.0.10 also introduces guided dental workflows to streamline manual tasks and simplify processes. With the new CaseFlow Manager tool, users have the flexibility to fill out case information before or after initiating scanning, followed by an easy, guided workflow that automates manual processes and predicts next steps, facilitating data acquisition for the selected indication.Moreover, the brand-new Full Arch Implant workflow guides users through the data-capture process for a full arch case, automatically aligning the scans in occlusion and consolidating them into 1 dataset for seamless transmission to a lab or manufacturer.



March 21, 2024

Overjet for Kids from Overjet

Overjet for Kids. Image credit: © Overjet

Overjet for Kids. Image credit: © Overjet

// Artificial Intelligence

Overjet for Kids

Dental artificial intelligence (AI) company Overjet has announced the launch of its latest innovation–-Overjet for Kids. This United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared technology has been specifically designed to detect, outline, and quantify tooth decay for pediatric patients, according to a press release from the company. This technology is now suitable for pediatric patients ages 4 and up. Overjet for Kids will enable clinicians to see the tooth decay in x-rays before it becomes an ongoing or painful issue for the pediatric patients, per the press release. The artificial intelligence is designed to analyze both primary and permanent teeth, making it a boon for pediatric patients who may have a mix of both. It then highlights its findings in vivid color to ensure clarity and understanding for younger patients, according to the press release. Charting Assist from Overjet, also enables the AI to detect the enamel, pulp, crowns, and fillings inside the patient’s mouth to give a more robust look at the entire oral environment. To learn more about Overjet for Kids, visit the website here.


info@overjet.ai // overjet.ai

March 21, 2024

LuxPoint™ from Nordent

LuxPoint™ from Nordent. Image credit: © Nordent

LuxPoint™ from Nordent. Image credit: © Nordent

// Ultrasonic Inserts


Equipment manufacturer Nordent® has announced the launch of its new series of ultrasonic inserts––LuxPoint. These ultrasonic inserts are created using Nordent’s UltraSteel™ technology, which is crafted specifically with durability in mind. Per Nordent, UltaSteel technology uses uniform carbide particle distribution for an ultrasonic tip that is said to last 50% longer than industry standards. The LuxPoint ultrasonic inserts come in a variety of different models including Universal Slim, Universal Extra Thin, and Triple Bend Slim. Universal Slim is designed for subgingival and interproximal access, while Universal Extra Thin is suitable for subgingival and interproximal surfaces with light to moderate deposits, according to Nordent. Nordent recommends low-medium power with the Universal Extra Thin design. Meanwhile, the Triple Bend Slim is indicated for light to heavy deposits and is recommended for use with low-high power or medium high for difficult calculus. Each model of insert is crafted with individual features and grip colors that make them distinctive from each other, enabling the clinician to grab them with confidence and ease. Another feature that is said to be an ergonomic boon is the LuxPoint grip, which is in a hexagonal pattern that is specifically designed to reduce strain on the clinician’s hand. It’s formulated with silicon for maximum haptic feedback whilst maintaining a strong and secure hold, per Nordent. LuxPoint ultrasonic inserts also maintain a direct tip targeted water flow which is said to limit excessive spray and boost patient comfort.


847-437-4780 // nordent.com

March 21, 2024

The Edge Gemini from The Edge Desk

The Edge Gemini from The Edge Desk. Image credit: © The Edge Desk

The Edge Gemini from The Edge Desk. Image credit: © The Edge Desk

// Dental Chair

The Edge Gemini

To provide a new, ergonomic experience for clinicians, The Edge Desk has announced its newest product, The Edge Gemini. Slated for a Summer 2024 release, this convertible chair provides benefits in its transitional design with its ability to go from a sitting position to a kneeling posture. Per The Edge Desk, one of the standout features of The Edge Gemini is its versatile design, which caters to the demanding needs of professionals like clinicians, particularly those in dental practices. By shifting from a conventional sitting position to a kneeling posture, this chair ensures optimal comfort and support during extended work sessions, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue. Built for durability, The Edge Gemini is said to boast a sturdy frame and base, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. Equipped with wheels, it facilitates smooth mobility within the operatory without compromising on ergonomic integrity, providing essential support for the knees, back, and elbows throughout the day. Moreover, the chair's adjustable seat height accommodates a wide range of users, allowing each clinician to customize their seating experience according to their unique ergonomic requirements. With built-in lumbar support and a contoured seat, The Edge Gemini promotes proper posture, mitigating the risk of discomfort or strain associated with prolonged sitting.

The Edge Desk

New Dental Products – March 18 - March 22, 2024

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