New Dental Products June 5 - June 9


Here is a look at all of the new dental products announced throughout the past week.

June 6, 2023

Jiffy™ Spin Disks from Ultradent

Jiffy™ Spin Disks from Ultradent

[ Finishing & Polishing ]

Jiffy™ Spin Disks

Designed to provide an efficient instrument set for finishing and polishing high-quality restorations, Jiffy Spin Disks from Ultradent are thin enough for interproximal use. Compatible with both ceramic and composite dental materials, the disks are coated with aluminum oxide, and available in grits ranging from coarse to fine. An additional diamond grit disk makes the system capable of gross removal and rapid interproximal shaping.


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June 7, 2023

Trap-Eze Plaster Plus from Buffalo Dental Mfg.

The Trap-Eze Plaster Plus™ is a specially designed, disposable sink trap that can effectively capture plaster, wax, floating materials, polishing compounds, abrasives, pumice, steel wool and the latest environmental concern—microplastics.

[ Disposable Sink Trap ]

Trap-Eze Plaster Plus

The Trap-Eze Plaster Plus™ is a specially designed,disposable sink trap that can effectively capture plaster, wax, floating materials, polishing compounds, abrasives, pumice, steel wool and the latest environmental concern—microplastics.The product, recently launched by Buffalo Dental Manufacturing, joins a popular line of plaster traps from the company, with this latest version designed to help out the environment.Dental practices commonly release microplastics into municipal wastewater from procedures such as removing and adjusting restorations, or by milling and grinding crowns, inlays and onlays. The amount of microplastics generated per procedure is small, but it occursfrequently, states Buffalo Dental Manufacturing.Althoughit is not known exactly what percentage of global microplastic pollution originates from dental offices and dental labs, it’s possible to reduce that percentage with the Trap-Eze™PlasterPlus trap. Recently added to the company’spopular line of plaster traps,the new, patent-pending product not only captures microplastic particles, but also wax, floating materials, polishing compounds, abrasives, pumice, and steel wool that can cause drain clogs.The Trap-Eze™ PlasterPlus is made in the USA and includes the following features: designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow sediment to settle out of wastewater; fast and easy trap replacement and installation; disposable—No permanent traps to clean or messy liners to replace; for use in dental offices, clinics, and labs.

Buffalo Dental Mfg.


June 7, 2023

Measurement Application from Bryant Dental

Measurement Application for loupes

[ Loupes ]

Measurement Application

British MedTech start-up Bryant Dental has released a Measurement Application designed to allow clinicians to order custom loupes from the comfort of their home. The online measurement system allows these sophisticated measurements to be completely automated, allowing dentists, hygienists, and surgeons a convenient buying option.One example of this is the launch of their Refractives, a pioneering ergo-loupe, online as an e-commerce product. This move has given the company access to 20 new countries in just a few months, without distributors or subsidiaries. Due to their bespoke nature, the buying process for loupes traditionally involves customers being measured in person by a sales representative, followed often by a lengthy production process. Built by an in-house team of artificial intelligence engineers, this patent-pending application uses hundreds of facial points to map the user’s face in real-time. From this, the application can generate a 3D scan and extract 12 highly accurate measurements. The company plans to use this patent-pending measurement application to access more markets and sectors, bringing loupes to thousands more clinicians, and plans to release version 2 of the measurement application, which will include a full spinal scan to assess posture, sometime in 2024.

Bryant Dental 

June 9, 2023

Urbanek TMJ Device

The Urbanek TMJ Device and Protocol

[ TMJ Device ]

Urbanek TMJ Device

Developed by the oral maxillofacial surgeon with over 40 years of experience, the Urbanek Device and Protocol is the only non-surgical, custom CAD-CAM, 3D-printed resin device that alleviates the inflammation of the TMD joint. Unlike a nightguard, this FDA-cleared medical device was specifically designed to treat the root cause of TMD. The device, customized to each patient, unloads the joint just like a set of crutches unloads an inflamed knee, the company says. The patient starts by wearing the device 24/7 for 2 months, and then at nighttime only for the rest of their life. That works for about 85% of the patients, reportedly, and the company has completed 4000 patient cases with a success rate of 95%, which indicates what can happen if they follow the protocol. Results have been successful with patients in as few as 2 office visits, the company states.

Urbanek TMJ Device and Protocol

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