New Dental Products – June 3 - June 7, 2024


All the latest dental product launches from June 3 – June 7, 2024.

June 3, 2024

Tetric EvoCeram Aligner from Ivoclar

Tetric EvoCeram Aligner | Image Credit: © Ivoclar

Image Credit: © Ivoclar

// Sculptable Composite

Tetric EvoCeram Aligner
Tetric EvoCeram Aligner is a sculptable, fluorescent composite that is specially formulated for creating strong, durable composite attachments to support complex clear orthodontic aligner therapy. It features optimized chemistry of the composite which makes it easily visible under UV light for precise initial placement and easy removal post therapy.The composite is simple to detect and differentiate from enamel. Additionally, Ivoclar states the 76% filler content by weight of Tetric EvoCeram Aligner creates long-lasting solutions that are stable and abrasion resistant for the duration of the aligner treatment process. Formulated to support patients’ demands for minimal visibility and clinicians’ needs to keep inventory at a minimum, Tetric EvoCeram Aligner is available in a single universal T shade said to exhibit high 15% translucency to ensure attachments blend with surrounding tooth structure.Tetric EvoCeram Aligner, which is also suitable for the fixation of lingual retainers, is offered in a 3-gram syringe and .20g cavifil deliveries.



June 4, 2024

TempOff® from ArtCraft Dental

TempOff®  Temporary Remover | Image Credit: © ArtCraft Dental

TempOff® Temporary Remover | Image Credit: © ArtCraft Dental

// Temporary Remover


The TempOffdental instrumentallows clinicians to removetemporariesofalltypesin3-5seconds. According to ArtCraftDental, using the instrument is notonly fast and easy, but it is also virtually pain-free for the patient.TempOff features a stable, 4-point contact tip that provides a firm,non-slipgripontotemporariesofalltypesallowingthepractitionertolock-onsolidly to the provisional in the proper position—the upper one-third above the level of the underlying prep. Oncelockedon,lessforceisexertedonthetoothandbuild-up,andthelowertwo-thirds of the temp is free to flex out and break its own cement contact, according to the company.There is noneedfor anesthesia, and no needfor cuttingoff temporaries.

ArtCraft Dental, Inc

877-340-1776 //

June 4, 2024

Xpanders™ from ArtCraft Dental

Xpanders™ atraumatic elevators | Image Credit: © ArtCraft Dental

Xpanders™ atraumatic elevators | Image Credit: © ArtCraft Dental

// Atraumatic Elevators


Xpanders atraumatic elevators are designed to enable clinicians to avoid broken root tips in their practice. Invented by David Fyffe, DDS, these atraumatic elevators are designed to upgrade extractions, making the procedure faster and easier. They’re designed to help avoid the dreaded deep broken root tip mishaps. The Xpanders power comes from the double-action tips. Just a small amount of penetration into the PDL space is all that is needed for maximum lateral tooth movement. With these elevators, users achieve both bucco-lingual movement and mesio-distal movement. The more movement you can get prior to the use of forceps, the less likely root tips break off, the company says. Xpanders tips allow for a stable two-point contact between the crest of bone and the neck of the tooth.With simple twisting, one point locks onto the bone, while the other point pushes the tooth laterally, causing bucco-lingual socket expansion and superior pre-forceps loosening. These powerful intra-ligamental elevators are designed to make extractions less stressful.

ArtCraft Dental, Inc


June 5, 2024

Ceramir Pediatric Crowns from Directa USA

Image Credit: © Directa USA

Image Credit: © Directa USA

// Pediactric Crowns

Ceramir Pediatric Crowns

Featuring patented laser sintering technology, Directa USA has launched Ceramir Pediatric Crowns, described as a groundbreaking advancement in pediatric dentistry. The new pediatric crowns feature a homogeneous glass-like structure, providing natural translucency and a high-gloss surface. Ceramir Pediatric Crowns are designed to set a new standard in restorative dentistry for children. The crowns mimic the anatomy of primary teeth in both color and shape, ensuring a natural and esthetically pleasing appearance, according to Directa. The advanced technology used in Ceramir Pediatric Crowns allows for the creation of crowns with very thin walls. Additionally, these crowns can be easily repaired chairside with additional composite material, enabling minimally invasive procedures and preserving as much tooth structure as possible. Directa also will offer a Ceramir Pediatric Crowns Kit in 2 sizes. Made from child-safe, Bisphenol A-free materials, they are formulated to ensure safety and biocompatibility. Also, with their high-quality, prefabricated design, they enable swift and secure treatments while preserving much natural tooth structure as possible.

Directa USA


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