New Dental Products June 26 - June 30


All the new dental product launches from the week of June 26 through June 30th, 2023.

June 27, 2023

ScanAssist from DentalMonitoring

ScanAssist from DentalMonitoring. Image: © DentalMonitoring

ScanAssist from DentalMonitoring. Image: © DentalMonitoring

[ Remote Patient Imaging ]


DentalMonitoring’s newest tool is the ScanAssist. This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered innovation enables patients to create quality, 3D models of their own mouths to provide clinicians. Patients are guided through a step-by-step process to scan their mouths, using an in-app process that provides both audio and visual cues for patients to start and stop scanning certain sections, per a press release from DentalMonitoring. ScanAssist is said to provide clinicians with a detailed treatment progression report through these scans. It is also said to be able to use AI to detect more than 130 different observations intraorally. Together, ScanAssist and the clinician can create a treatment plan that best suits each patient. Clinicians and patients can access ScanAssist through the DentalMonitoring app.


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June 27, 2023

You Scan, We Design from Panthera Dental

You Scan, We Design CAD/CAM solution from Panthera Dental

Image Credit: © Panthera Dental

[ Digital Design Service ]

You Scan, We Design

Designed to save dental labs time and reduce reliance on shipping models and other case details, You Scan, We Design from Panther Dental is a CAD/CAM workflow where Panthera manages both case design and fabrication after information is submitted. Customers have access to the case and can modify designs if they choose. Compatible with more than 60 dental implant platforms, the workflow also incorporates Panthera standard metal implant bars as well as Double Structure, ReBourke™, and Diamart™ solutions.

Panthera Dental

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June 27, 2023

Denticon Pay from Planet DDS

Denticon Pay from Planet DDS

Image Credit: © Planet DDS

[ Payment Processing Platform ]

Denticon Pay

The latest addition to the Denticon practice management application from Planet DDS, Denticon pay is designed to provide dental practices with an efficient way to adhere to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Featuring validated point-to-point encryption the solution reportedly does not require storing, processing, or transmitting sensitive data. Additional features include automated payment posting, "Card-on-File" capability, and compatibility with text-to-pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Planet DDS

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June 28, 2023

Ultrapro Tx Cordless from Ultradent

[ Prophy Handpiece ]

Ultrapro Tx Cordless from Ultradent. Image: © Ultradent Products, Inc

Ultrapro Tx Cordless from Ultradent. Image: © Ultradent Products, Inc

Ultrapro™ Tx Cordless

Ultradent’s newest prophy handpiece addition, the Ultrapro Tx Cordless, is designed to provide the exact same strength of the corded handpiece while adding mobility by cutting the cord. It has a lightweight build, making it easy on clinicians using these handpieces as well as patients during treatment, according to a press release from Ultradent. The Ultrapro Tx Cordless has an output of 4000 RPMs, offering a powerful cleaning experience for the clinician. It also comes with a Bluetooth foot pedal, providing control and ergonomic comfort that is said to last all day on a single charge. The Ultrapro Tx Cordless is compatible with a variety of disposable prophy angles, including Ultradent’s own Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles, per the press release. Ultradent also provides a 2-year warranty for this handpiece to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ultradent Products, Inc

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June 29, 2023

Laboratory Design Service from Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach Ceramill DRS Lab Design Service | Image Credit: © Amann Girrbach

Image Credit: © Amann Girrbach

[ Digital Design Service ]

Lab Design Service

Designed to connect dental practices using the Ceramill DRS (Direct Restoration Solution) System and labs using the cloud-based AG.Live platform, Lab Design Service allows dental lab technicians to remotely design restorations that are then milled and finished chairside. Available to all labs using Cermill Version 4.4, Laboratory Design Service is compatible with scans and digital impressions from a range of intraoral scanner.

Amann Girrbach

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June 30, 2023

Artificial Intelligence from Overjet

[ Artificial Intelligence ]

New artificial intelligence clearance from Overjet. Image: © Overjet

New artificial intelligence clearance from Overjet. Image: © Overjet


Overjet’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology has officially received its fourth United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. This technology detects and outlines caries on periapical radiographs and bitewing radiographs, per a press release from Overjet. Because Overjet utilizes its AI models to help inform treatment planning for dentists, this technology can be vital for both patient and practitioner. Overjet’s AI outlines decay, allowing clinicians to get a better view of caries in the patient’s mouth. Overjet’s AI is specifically designed to integrate with most practice management systems, allowing for a seamless transition into any dental practice. Using this AI, clinicians can also look at patient records from past appointments if need be. Overjet’s AI is also cleared by the FDA to detect calculus and quantify bone level measurements.



July 3, 2023

Aseptico® 1070 Series Implant Motor

Described as a powerful and efficient tool designed to streamline dental implant procedures, the Aseptico 1070 Series Implant Motor has been added to the company’s already extensive lineup of dental motor systems.

[ Implant Motor ]

Aseptico® 1070 Series Implant Motor

Described as a powerful and efficient tool designed to streamline dental implant procedures, the Aseptico 1070 Series Implant Motor has been added to the company’s already extensive lineup of dental motor systems. With its compact size, intuitive interface, and multifunction foot control, this implant motor offers the clinician ease-of-use, power, and precision at an affordable price. This introduction is in response to clinicians who have expressed a desire for a simple, powerful, streamlined dental motor system that can handle implant cases efficiently without unnecessary complexity, the company states. Benefits of the new system include: streamlined workflow—osteotomy and implant placement are handled with ease using an available Mont Blanc 20:1 reduction handpiece; user-friendly intuitiveinterface; hands-free control; powerful brushless 40,000 RPM motor delivers power and precision; versatility—suitable for surgical and low-speed procedures; customization options with 8 programmable presets; and focus on sustainability as the motor utilizes autoclavable irrigation tubing, reducing waste and saving costs compared to single-use, disposable tubing.

Aseptico, Inc


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