New Dental Products – June 17 - June 21, 2024


All the latest dental product launches from the week of June 17 through June 21, 2024.

June 17, 2024

NDX Aligners from National Dentex Labs

NDX Aligners from National Dentex Labs. Image credit: © National Dentex Labs

NDX Aligners from National Dentex Labs. Image credit: © National Dentex Labs

// Clear Aligners

NDX Aligners

NDX has announced the launch of NDX Aligners, a new aligner solution designed to enhance dental practices' teeth straightening services. NDX Aligners use advanced materials like Zendura® FLX and technology with the aim to offer enhanced orthodontic care, according to a press release from NDX. Zendura FLX is known for its clarity, stain resistance, and comfort via its 3-layer construction. This construction reportedly provides optimal force retention, which is said to reduce pain while still enabling the tooth movement that both patients and practitioners desire.NDX is also offering a customer service team composed of clinicians and orthodontists with combined experience for aligner design. This support team aims to ensure precise and predictable outcomes, per the press release. An internal study of over 3500 cases showed that 2 out of 3 did not require refinements at the end of treatment, demonstrating a reduction in production time. The NDX Aligners Doctor Portal is also designed to streamline case submission, with high-resolution 3D viewers, guided treatment setup, and advanced treatment options.

National Dentex Labs

800-325-3056 //

New Dental Products – June 17 - June 21, 2024

June 18, 2024

VITA AMBRIA MO from VITA North America

VITA AMBRIA MO | Image Credit: © VITA North America

VITA AMBRIA MO | Image Credit: © VITA North America

// Tooth Portfolio


The VITA AMBRIA® tooth portfolio has been expanded to offer more possibilities for users with the VITA AMBRIA MO pellets. VITA AMBRIA brilliant press ceramics, made of zirconia-reinforced lithium discilicate, are formulated to offer optimal surface quality and true-to-shade brilliance. With this expansion to one of the company’s most widely used tooth portfolios, users have even more options with additional shade variants and translucency levels. It is now available in 16 VITA classical A1-D4® tooth shades and 29 VITA SYSEM 3D-MASTER® shades. Also, VITA AMBRIA has been expanded to include 3 new medium opacity pellet shades. The new MO pellets offer a natural effect with full coverage, making them well-suited for veneers and crowns with a light target shade, especially for reliably masking discolored dies or titanium abutments, due to the opacity. The 3 new pellet shades are MO-0 opaque whitish, MO-1 opaque yellowish, and MO-2 opaque reddish.VITA AMBRIA is formulated to deliver reliable results with impressive and accurate shade fidelity, and easy polishing and finishing for optimal esthetic restorations. The esthetics and ability to adjust the degree of translucency using the pressing temperature set a new standard for natural and lifelike restorations, according to VITA.

VITA North America


June 19, 2024

Overjet for Educators from Overjet

Overjet for Educators from Overjet. Image credit: © Overjet

Overjet for Educators from Overjet. Image credit: © Overjet

// Artificial Intelligence

Overjet for Educators

Dental artificial intelligence (AI) company Overjet has launched Overjet for Educators, an AI tool designed to train future dental professionals, according to a press release from Overjet. This FDA-cleared technology, which is already used in practice by clinicians, helps analyze x-rays to bolster decision-making in the dental practice. Overjet’s AI annotates dental x-rays with precise, colorful details, and stands as the only FDA-cleared AI technology for detecting, outlining, and quantifying oral diseases in x-rays. Developed by experts and advanced machine learning models trained on existing x-ray data, Overjet reportedly allows educators to demonstrate the size and shape of pathologies and restorations.


June 19, 2024

RAYMILL C from Ray America

RAYMILL C chairside milling machine | Image Credit: © Ray America

RAYMILL C chairside milling machine | Image Credit: © Ray America

// Chairside Milling


Designed for same-day ceramic restorations, the new RAYMILL C chairside milling machine features advanced grinding capabilities to address various indications. Boasting the latest in cutting-edge technology and a compact design, the mill is designed for both efficiency and precision. Its advanced dual grinding technology is said to produce top-quality patient fittings quickly. Described as easy to operate by any dental staff member, the RAYMILL C can go anywhere in the practice due to its compact size and quietness (it does not require a separate compressor or direct water supply connection). The device uses a high-frequency spindle with 60,000 rpm grinding technology for accurate results within 10 microns during repeated processing. With a diamond-coated cuttable material that provides optimal grinding performance, the milling machine is said to be ideal for thin veneer processing.

It is 25% faster than its predecessor to allow for quicker and more efficient production. Additionally, it can produce glass and hybrid ceramics simultaneously using dual 4-axis machining in less than 18 minutes, according to the manufacturer. The intuitive user interface simplifies workflow for users, who are guided step-by-step through maintenance procedures and tool management. Another benefit of the machine is its Status Check Function, a display with updates on replacement and function for bur, water, and filter. The RAYMILL C is designed to deliver a natural-looking prosthetic in 60 minutes or less, from the scan, to design, milling, post-processing and then the seating.

Ray America


June 19, 2024

AlignerWorks from Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

AlignerWorks | Image Credit: © Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

AlignerWorks | Image Credit: © Buffalo Dental Manufacturing

// Lab Bench System


AlignerWorks is an integrated 3-tool bench system specifically designed to enable the precise fabrication of a wide range of custom-made oral appliances for dental labs as well as dental practices that produce oral appliances in-house. The ThermaKife, ThermaPlier and V-35 Electric Handpiece make up the new system. AlignerWorks consists of: ThermaKnife (pen) that can be used for fast and easy trimming of 3D digital prosthetics and trays, as well as soft thermoplastic dental whitening trays, soft mouthguards, custom soft nightguards, implant surgical guides, and most commonly, clear aligners; ThermaPlier, which is used to dimple aligners to control compressive pressure. The device can also be used for making retentive undercuts on orthodontic appliances and mouthguards; and the V-35 Electric Handpiece which delivers 35,000 rpm high-torque performance to easily cut and grind appliance materials to enable precision oral appliance fabrication. The system includes the following features and benefits: Lightweight pen features an ergonomic design and sharp, permanent tip for improved comfort and control; fully adjustable temperature control for precise cutting action. The cutting tip is designed to heat ultra-fast to save time and eliminate waiting; high-torque motor provides smooth operation and powerful performance with less operator fatigue; and 4 multi-speed options (14k, 22k, 27k, 35k rpm) enable ideal speed selection for most cutting needs.

Buffalo Dental Manufacturing


June 20, 2024

Patient Portal from Practice by Numbers

Patient Portal from Practice by Numbers. Image credit: © Practice by Numbers

Patient Portal from Practice by Numbers. Image credit: © Practice by Numbers

// Patient Portal

Practice by Numbers Patient Portal

Software solution Practice by Numbers has announced the launch of its latest offering, the Practice by Numbers Patient Portal. The patient portal is designed with features that aim to make patient communications easier and more streamlined, according to a press release from Practice by Numbers. Patients are able to access forms, payments and balances, appointments, and other relevant information. This keeps them in the loop, creating an improved relationship with the dental practice.

Practice by Numbers

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New Dental Products – June 17 - June 21, 2024

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