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All the latest dental product releases from July 24 through July 28.

New Dental Products July 24 - July 28 | Dental Products Report

July 24, 2023


SICAT has announced it can now deliver expanded treatment options in endodontics and root canal therapy using the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, a solution that creates new possibilities for root canal treatment using artificial intelligence (AI). | Image Credit: © SICAT

[ Endodontics ]


SICAT has announced it can now deliver expanded treatment options in endodontics and root canal therapy using the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, a solution that creates new possibilities for root canal treatment using artificial intelligence (AI).Clinicians considering the use of surgical guides in root canal treatments can now choose to use the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, designed to providea groundbreaking and highly economical new option: ready-to-print STL surgical guide designs based on AI, availablefor download in less than 20 minutes and for as low as less than $20 per tooth, all canals included, according to SICAT.Featuring a straightforward workflow, treatment planning is done in the SICAT Endo software, where the number, shape, and length of all root canals can be determined precisely and reliably as well as the working length and depth of the cavity access. Via the SICAT Portal, SICAT‘s customer portal, the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE can be ordered after treatment planning in the software. The ready-to-print STL surgical guide design is then downloaded and immediately imported into the 3D printer software and printed. With this fast and efficient workflow, clinicians can quickly treat patients, and even same-day treatment becomes possible, according to SICAT.The RAPID ACCESSGUIDE can be ordered through the SICATEndo software and it is alsoavailable on a subscription basis with the company’s SICAT Smart programfor as low as $99 per month.

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New Dental Products July 24 - July 28

July 24, 2023

Ora Dental from PracticeTek

[ Practice Management Software ]

Ora Dental from PracticeTek. Image: © PracticeTek

Ora Dental from PracticeTek. Image: © PracticeTek

Ora Dental

PracticeTek has announced a new practice management system called Ora Dental that is specifically designed to meet the needs of dental support organizations (DSOs). Ora Dental has a variety of features that are directly tailored to the DSO environment, particularly when it comes to data that can provide DSOs with actionable insight plans, according to a press release from the company. This platform is said to be scalable to suit the needs of any DSO. Oral Dental, which has been designed by those experienced in DSO operations and workflows, aims to provide dental team members with the best tools to do the best work. Some notable features include payment plans for patients to receive the best care on the budget that works for them, actionable data insights based on the practice’s production and patient flow, and patient charting for optimal treatment planning.


July 27, 2023

CarePlus from SmileDirectClub

[ Aligners ]


SmileDirectClub is now offering customers CarePlus, a premium aligner offering option that expands its teeth straightening options. CarePlus will be available at all U.S. SmileShop and select Partner Network locations beginning in August. With this new offering, consumers have more choices—they now have the option to select SmileDirectClub’s original telehealth-powered Care aligners or choose the premium CarePlus option. This latest option includes access to a local dentist or orthodontist for in-person check-ins, a dedicated 24/7 Concierge customer care team, expedited aligner shipping and the enhanced comfort of scalloped-edge aligners and retainers. Previously tested in the U.K. market, this new feature offers enhanced comfort with a scalloped edge that gently lays on the gumline, making treatment more comfortable, according to the company.

Upon completing their aligner treatment, CarePlus customers receive 2 years’ worth of retainers and the company’s Lifetime Smile Guarantee to keep their teeth straight and healthy, SmileDirectClub states. Additionally, CarePlus customers will also receive a selection of SmileDirectClub premium oral care products including its whitening system, toothbrush, and oral care kit.

Costs for the new premium CarePlus offering are $3,900 when paid in full, or customers can chooseSmileDirectClub’sSmilePay™ option for $115 a month. The traditional care option is available for $2,250 when paid in full, or the SmilePay™ plan can be chosen at $89 per month.



July 27, 2023

ProBiora Professional Strength in Orange

ProBiora Professional Strength in Orange | Credit: ProBiora Health

[ Probiotics ]

ProBiora Professional Strength in Orange

ProBiora Health® has launched a new product flavor geared for adults, ProBiora Professional Strength in Orange. With the new Orange flavor, ProBiora Professional Strength, sold primarily through dental and orthodontic offices, now comes in 2 flavors for adults—including the original Gentle Mint. ProBiora Kids, which features a Creamsicle flavor, also is available through clinicians’ practices. The company also is introducing products designed to help your pets maintain a healthier mouth, fresher breath, and bright teeth. ProBiora for Dogs and ProBiora for Cats (formerly ProBioraPet) oral care probiotics come in convenient daily-dose pouches.

Featuring a proprietary and patented blend of 3 naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, ProBiora offers the only probiotics from the mouth, for the mouth. According to the company, these good bacterial strains specifically target the bad bacteria that live on people’s and pets’ teeth and gums. Repopulating the mouth’s good bacteria is said to be critical because left untreated, the harmful mouth bacteria can overtake the oral biome and lead to infections such as tooth decay, gum disease, and more. ProBiora says this is key because other brands of oral-care probiotics contain bacteria from the sinus, throat, or gut.

ProBiora Health


New Dental Products July 24 - July 28

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