New Dental Products July 10 - July 14


All the latest dental product launches from July 10 through July 14, 2023.

July 11, 2023

ProWash S from SprintRay

[ Post-Processing Hardware ]

ProWash S from SprintRay. Image: © SprintRay, Inc.

ProWash S from SprintRay. Image: © SprintRay, Inc.

ProWash S

SprintRay will launch its newest post-processing hardware, ProWash S. ProWash S connects through cloud software to optimize the process of 3D printing to curing. The cloud connectivity sends information between the Pro S 3D printer and the ProCure 2 curing system. ProWash S also touts a variety of features such as new motor dynamics and washing profiles, a drying fan, and customization options that can be accessed through its touchscreen. The optimized motor dynamics are said to improve wash quality while the drying fan will enable best mechanical properties, per a press release from SprintRay. ProWash S can fit in any dental space with its intelligent onboard system. This system provides users with a clear and concise task list that enables smoother workflow as well as informing when maintenance is scheduled. Efficiency is boosted through this cloud-connected workflow.

SprintRay, Inc

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July 12, 2023

Strata-G sectional matrix system from Garrison Dental Solutions

Garrison Dental Solutions: The Strata-G™ sectional matrix system is designed to form a 270° Seal™ for ultimate flash control.

[ Sectional Matrix System ]


TheStrata-G™ sectional matrix system is designed to form a 270° Seal™ for ultimate flash control. It is said to provide strong tooth separation yet is easier to open.Nitinol drawn-wire nickel titanium is aligned at the molecular level for superior performance yet requires less effort to open, according to the company. Garrison's proprietary StrataSet™ treatment maximizes longevity of this advanced material.Designed for more uses, the PEEK ultra-durable reinforcement on the back of the ring allows Strata-G™ to retain a higher percentage of initial strength for much longer than non-reinforced rings. Proprietary StrataBond™ silicone/PEEK tips withstand hundreds of applications.Other features include:Improved anatomy and unbeatable grip; wider indicationswith the Wide Preparation separator ring (green) that makes Strata-Gversatile and user-friendly; a smooth tunnel design that easily accommodates stacking of wedges; soft retentive fins that smoothly fold down during wedge insertion and spring back when clear of the interproximal space, locking Strata-G Wedges in place; improved seal by design; optimized marginal ridge; the ProfileBooster™ subgingival apron; and the system’s Firm Bands are well suited for challenging cases. A critical addition in the Strata-G kit, Firm Bands are specially tempered stainless steel and only 0.0015" thin. Their stiffer nature makes them ideal for unbroken contacts and extra deep or extra wide preparations.

Garrison Dental Solutions


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