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New Dental Products – February 26 - March 1, 2024


Catch up on all the latest dental product launches from the week of February 26 through March 1, 2024.

February 26, 2024

Halo Digital Mirror from Halo Dental Technologies

Halo Digital Mirror from Halo Dental Technologies. Image credit: © Halo Dental Technologies

Halo Digital Mirror from Halo Dental Technologies. Image credit: © Halo Dental Technologies

// Digital Mirror

Halo Digital Mirror

Halo Dental Technologies introduced its latest innovation, the Halo Digital Mirror, at the 2024 Chicago Midwinter Meeting, giving attendees a firsthand look at this new product. Dentists and hygienists have relied on static mirrors for indirect vision, light reflection, and soft tissue retraction during daily practice. Halo Dental Technologies has designed a product to revitalize and reimagine the dental mirror with the Halo Digital Mirror. The Halo Digital Mirror integrates a variety of features aimed at optimizing patient comprehension and empowerment, according to a press release from the company. The Halo Digital Mirror is designed to enable clinicians to capture images inside the patient's mouth at the point of care, aiding in educating patients about necessary care and bringing information and data capture. The Halo Digital Mirror, set for public release in 2025, is made of high-strength titanium, features an integrated LED diffused light, a wide-angle camera, and an active fog prevention system, per the press release. It is said to weigh the same as conventional dental mirrors and includes internal Wi-Fi connectivity for easier image capture and secure cloud transmission. The mirror is also autoclavable to contribute to infection control best practices.

Halo Dental Technologies

New Dental Products – February 26 - March 1, 2024

February 26, 2024

Denticon from Planet DDS

Denticon reimagined practice management software. | Image Credit: © Planet DDS

Image Credit: © Planet DDS

// Practice Management Software

Planet DDS’ reimagined Denticon is a platform tailored for dental businesses with strong growth ambitions. This enhanced platform seamlessly integrates practice management, patient communications, practice analytics, and practice marketing. Engineered to effortlessly scale with cloud technology, Denticon is designed to redefine productivity, patient outcomes, and staff engagement across dental practices of all sizes.The revamped platform encompasses a suite of tools designed to empower dental practices in running their operations with greater efficiency and ease—spanning from marketing to analytics. The journey commences with Legwork, a user-friendly marketing solution empowering practices to attract new patients through search engine optimized marketing campaigns, professionally branded websites, and integrated phone systems. The journey progresses with Denticon Patient Communication, integrating patient engagement tools that streamline communication with targeted emails and text messages, online forms for enhanced patient experience, and appointment reminders aimed at reducing last-minute cancellations. Bringing the loop to a close is Denticon Practice Analytics, furnishing dental practices with actionable insights to identify production opportunities and make data-driven decisions, thus fostering operational efficiencies and fueling growth.

Planet DDS


February 26, 2024

DCI Edge 3D Visualization Tool from DCI Edge

DCI Edge 3D Visualization Tool from DCI Edge. Image credit: © DCI Edge

DCI Edge 3D Visualization Tool from DCI Edge. Image credit: © DCI Edge

// Operatory Design

DCI Edge 3D Visualization Tool

Dental equipment brand DCI Edge aims for a new benchmark in dental operatory design with the launch of its new 3D Visualization Tool. This innovative digital configurator empowers dentists to digitally sculpt their dream operatory in vivid 3D before making any purchase decisions, according to a press release from DCI Edge. It utilizes pixel streaming technology Unreal Engine 5, which is regularly used in the gaming industry. This digital program allows users to envision their dental space with the level of detail they desire. From dental chairs and cabinets to floors and walls, practitioners can personalize every element with a variety of color palettes. The tool debuts with 3 specially crafted operatory layouts, with additional options and features slated for release throughout the rest of 2024. The user-friendly interface is said to facilitate the easy adjustment of colors and styles, allowing practitioners to fine-tune their designs as they desire. The tool offers a dynamic experience with the ability to toggle between 6 different viewing angles. Upon finalizing their choices, users receive a downloadable PDF of their operatory design, complete with details of their selections, which can then be shared with their team. The tool also provides estimated retail pricing, offers the option to order color swatches, and connects users with their Regional Sales Manager for the next steps.

DCI Edge

844-854-8555 // dciedge.com

February 26, 2024

Vyne Trellis Payments from Vyne Dental

Vyne Trellis Payments platform from Vyne Dental. | Image Credit: © Vyne Dental

Image Credit: © Vyne Dental

// Insurance Platform

Vyne Trellis Payments

Designed to reshape the dental billing and payment processing landscape, Vyne Dental has launched its latest payments platform, the new Vyne Trellis Payments solution. Vyne Trellis Payments is designed to simplify the patient payment process by offering a seamless experience via text, email, or at the point of care. The next-generation platform is said to empower dental practices to meet their patients where they are and ensures quicker payments through online and point-of-care innovations. With this launch, the company seeks to further its mission of reducing waste and friction in the revenue work streams within a dental practice and to accelerate practice growth while driving down costs. Key benefits of the platform include: elevated patient experience—it allows dental practices to meet their patients where they are by supporting digital payment types such as Apple Pay and Google PayTM services, automated, electronic balance notifications with click-to-pay via text and email, and modern, wi-fi-enabled terminals for chairside transactions; accelerate dental revenue—by prioritizing patient experience to maximize engagement, automating the balance notification based on claims having settled, and improving patient responsibility estimation with built-in eligibility verification, this new platform can help improve the rate and speed with which customers get paid; and convenience and accessibility—offering both online and point-of-care payments is designed to ensure convenience and accessibility for both healthcare providers and their patients—users can embrace the future of dental office payments.

Vyne Dental


February 26, 2024

3Shape Automate Anterior Crowns from 3Shape

/// AI CAD Software

3Shape Automate Anterior Crown | Image Credit: © 3Shape

Image Credit: © 3Shape

3Shape Automate Anterior Crowns

The latest update to the 3Shape Automate artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital crown design service is the ability to generate designs for anterior crowns. Available to both labs and clinics, the platform takes a digital impression and in minutes provides an AI-designed crown proposal that can be exported for production on a range of dental mills and 3D printers. The AI-generated proposals can be customized and adjusted as needed prior to export.



February 26, 2024

NanoCure from SprintRay

/// Post-Printing Curing System

NanoCure | Image Credit: © SprintRay

Image Credit: © SprintRay


Capable of curing 3D printed dental models in just 2 minutes, the NanoCure is designed to provide new levels of efficiency in 3D printing workflows. The curing system features a dual-wavelength LED curing process and advanced heat management to optimize the physical properties of the printed parts. The first curing wavelength sets the outside of a part before the second completes the curing process. Compact and lightweight, the NanoCure features an easy-to-read touchscreen control, and is designed to seamlessly integrate with the SprintRay 3D Printing Ecosystem.




February 26, 2024

NightGuard Flex 2 and NightGuard Firm 2 from SprintRay

/// 3D Print Resins

NightGuard Flex 2 and NightGuard Firm 2 | Image Credit: © SprintRay

Image Credit: © SprintRay

NightGuard Flex 2 and NightGuard Firm 2

Designed for the efficient production of durable and comfortable nightguards, Nightguard Flex 2 and Nightguard Firm 2 offer enhanced physical properties when compared with the previous generation of the materials. With an option for a firmer or more giving nightguard, the resins allow a practice to efficiently produce customized solutions. The materials are available in 3 shades and can be used to produce a custom mouthguard in less than 1 hour.




February 26, 2024

Apex Base and Apex Teeth from SprintRay

/// 3D Print Resins

Apex Base and Apex Teeth | Image Credit: © SprintRay

Image Credit: © SprintRay

Apex Base and Apex Teeth

Featuring NanoFusion™ technology which is said to produce optimized strength, durability, and esthetics Apex Base and Apex Teeth can be used for the production of durable, esthetic 3D printed dentures. The materials exhibit high fracture and wear resistance due to the optimized ceramic fillers in the materials. WIth enhanced translucency and a range of shades for teeth and gingiva, the materials can be used for chairside production of custom dentures.




February 27, 2024

FlowStar Touch from Air Techniques

FlowStar Touch | Image Credit: © Air Techniques, Inc

Image Credit: © Air Techniques, Inc

// Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation

FlowStar Touch

Air Techniques, a pioneer in air compressors and vacuum systems, introduced its FlowStar Nitrous Flowmeters and components during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. FlowStar Touch is the company’s next generation of nitrous oxide sedation, designed to combine elegance with superior technology. The innovative flat touchscreen control fits perfectly with modern practice, the company states. The FlowStar Analog is built with high-quality, wear-resistant materials and filled with functions to provide value to users every day. The auto-compensating total flow rate is said to secure a balance between oxygen and nitrous gas when adjusting the N2O percentage, which in turn saves time and reduces costs. The FlowStar Touch Package includes the FlowStar Touch; single-use nasal hoods, scavenging circuits and breathing bag; Gas Control System (GCS) including Bag-T, vacuum control, and oxygen outlet; and DISS piping and installation kit. It is designed to provide a simple workflow and intuitive use. Features include an automatic fail-safe protection to shut off nitrous when there’s a loss of oxygen for patient safety; 18L total flow rate for treating patients with larger lung capacity; acoustic and visual information signals for patient safety; and integrated error and assessment memory; auto compensating feature to control total gas flow when adjustments are needed; and positioning of gas delivery and scavenging control for more flexible installation. Nitrous oxide/oxygen scavenging systems benefit from a high-quality vacuum system and can be administered safely within dental practices.

Air Techniques, Inc

516-433-7676 | airtechniques.com

February 27, 2024

DUO Sensor from A2Z Imaging

DUO Sensor from Air2Zed

DUO Sensor from Air2Zed.

// X-ray Sensor


Dental sensor and technology company A2Z Imaging has announced the launch of the DUO Wireless-Ready Sensor. This technology aims to raise the standards of image quality, convenience, and patient comfort in dental X-rays, according to a press release from A2Z Imaging. The DUO Wireless-Ready Sensor is designed to deliver enhanced image quality, whether utilized in handheld or mounted X-ray procedures. Offering both direct-connected and wireless capabilities, this device introduces the QuickSwap™ Replaceable Cable, ensuring the protection of the sensor head and initial cable. With the QuickSwap feature, damaged 1.5m cable extensions or USB ends can be swiftly replaced, saving practitioners from costly repair and replacement expenses, per the press release. Users can detach the QuickSwap Replaceable Cable and connect with the A2Z Imaging system for wireless functionality. Note that the A2Z Imaging system is sold separately, allowing practitioners to tailor their equipment to specific needs. Prioritizing patient comfort, the DUO Wireless-Ready Sensor comes in 2 sizes: DUO1 and DUO2. This ensures a comfortable experience for each individual patient, from small children to large adults, during their X-ray procedures. The smooth contoured edging of the sensor facilitates optimal placement and feel. For easier integration, DUO Sensors offer a straightforward setup and are compatible with most major software brands. Whether used natively or via TWAIN, compatibility extends to popular software such as Dentrix Ascend, Carestream, Dexis, Eaglesoft, and more, per the press release. Inside the durable casing of the DUO Sensor lies Advanced CMOS Technology, employing coupling technology for highly detailed images. The thin profile of the sensor enables better light conversion and more effective image capture.

A2Z Imaging

224-801-5900 // a2zimaging.com

February 27, 2024

Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition from BIOLASE

The new Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition™ dental laser. | Image Credit: © BIOLASE

Image Credit: © BIOLASE

// Laser System

The new Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition™ dental laser from BIOLASE, Inc features enhanced customization of clinical procedures, improved graphics for a better user experience, remote diagnostics and support, and more.Described as an extraordinary update to the company’s industry leading Waterlase iPlus, this laser boasts new features including, Modular Software Design: This innovative approach provides clinicians with customized packages of procedures, designed to ensure that practitioners invest in the capabilities they need today while allowing easily added features as they expand their practice. This will optimize cost-effectiveness but also facilitate seamless upgrades as practices evolve, empowering dental professionals to stay at the forefront of innovation without compromise; Enhanced User Experience: The unit features a larger touchscreen display and an improved graphic user interface to provide intuitive controls and modern esthetics. On-board technique animations and protocol guides within the Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition allow for a seamless introduction to laser procedures; Comprehensive Service Support:Access to new startup and shut down on-board wizards streamline upkeep, reducing learning curves and ensuring predictable results even amongst multiple team members, BIOLASE states; and Remote Diagnostics and Support:Wi-Fi connectivity enables efficient troubleshooting, minimizing downtime, and ensuring continuous practice operation. Each day you simply turn on the device and go through a checklist to ensure the laser system is functioning properly. Should any issues need to be addressed, a button can be pushed to send the diagnostics directly to BIOLASE.



February 28, 2024

Acuity from AMD Lasers

Acuity Direct X-Ray Photon Detection Intraoral Sensor | Image Credit: © AMD Lasers

Image Credit: © AMD Lasers

// Intraoral Sensor

Acuity Direct X-Ray Photon Detection Intraoral Sensor

AMD Lasers’ new Acuity Direct X-Ray Photon Detection Intraoral Sensor does more than just offer high-quality images. The technology behind the new sensor is more affordable than CMOS sensors, yet the company states that through its more efficient direct detection technology, it has enhanced both durability and affordability. Acuity combines the speed of CMOS with the clarity of PSP—for less—according to AMD Lasers. The technology is designed to enable clinicians to empower their practice towards experiencing the future of dental care by offering clearer diagnoses and enhanced patient care. With this sensor clinicians no longer need to deal with time-consuming exposure enhancements. Additionally, Acuity offers a full complement of image customization options including Direct Imaging for unrivaled image quality and confident diagnoses; Ergonomic Design—Ultra-thin sensor minimizes patient discomfort; Accessible Innovation forimproved imaging technology at a reduced cost; and Durability—designed and tested to withstand over 500,000 exposures.The company’s direct x-ray photon detection technology is said to provide crystal-clear images which eliminates the need for time-consuming exposure enhancements. The thin profile and optimized imaging surface area of the sensors improve diagnostic efficiency, streamlining workflows and minimizing guesswork.

AMD Lasers


February 28, 2024

Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution by HeyGears

Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution | Image Credit: © HeyGears

Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution | Image Credit: © HeyGears

// Clear Aligners

Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution

The Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution is an innovative automation-focused digital dentistry solution that hopes to transform orthodontic workflows by streamlining production processes and boosting efficiency, while delivering both economic and time savings.The solution uses the UltraCraft A3D Ortho's expansive 3D printing build platform and is powered by intelligent production processes. It enables organization and printing of clear aligner models for a full patient's case in a single operation, eliminating the need for manual sorting and significantly optimizing production efficiency, according to HeyGears. Automation is seamlessly integrated throughout the entire production process, encompassing pre-processing, printing, and post-processing stages—exemplifying the complete case-by-case approach.

It incorporates advanced features including auto OCR code labeling, auto blockout, and auto trimline detection. By automating tasks such as code labeling and blockout processes, along with generating unique OCR codes for each model for laser labeling and trimline trimming, this process saves valuable time and minimizes errors.Additionally, the A3D Ortho's large-scale build platform is designed to enable printing of all models associated in a patient's case in a single task to eliminate the need for multiple print preparations. The solution provides automated part removal and model collection by patient's case during the production phase. This automation is said to significantly reduce handling time and effectively enhances overall productivity levels. During the post-processing stage, final steps are simplified by providing automated washing and curing without the need for manual sorting.



February 29, 2024

SimpliCut from Kerr Dental

The new SimpliCut™ rotary products are a pre-sterilized single-patient use diamond burs line  | Image Credit: © Kerr Dental

Image Credit: © Kerr Dental

// Rotary Instruments


The new SimpliCut™ rotary products are a pre-sterilized single-patient use diamond burs line designed to maximize efficiencies by eliminating the need for cleaning, sterilization, and processing. SimpliCut’s fast-cutting diamond burs feature shanks designed for true concentric running with less wear and tear on the handpiece turbine. Individually wrapped and sterilized to high industry standards for single-patient use, the new diamonds are offered in packs of 25 pieces. The burs are available in a range of shapes and color-coded grit sizes for easy identification to accommodate varied patient needs.

Kerr Dental


March 1, 2024

Ori 2.0 and the Ori Tech Membership™

Ori 2.0 and the Ori Tech Membership™ | Image Credit: © Ori

Ori 2.0 and the Ori Tech Membership™ | Image Credit: © Ori

// Intraoral Scanning

Ori 2.0 and the Ori Tech Membership™

Ori has introduced Ori 2.0 and the Ori Tech Membership™program. The new scanner and membership program are designed to provide a transformative approach to advanced dental technology that is easily accessible and beneficial for practices and patients. The new Ori Tech Membership program looks to allow this cutting-edge dental technology to be more accessible to clinicians through the combination of low entry costs and affordable monthly payments, the company states. Members can now enjoy the benefit of automatic device upgrades every 3 years, so their practice always has up-to-date technology. The Ori 2.0 scanner features Ori PhaseLogic™ Technology and is easy to use and enhances patient care by maximizing the level of detail in impression scanning. The technology is said to provide the clinician with up to 7 microns of precision. Use of the scanner is said to reduce chair time, improve patient engagement, and increase case acceptance. Additionally, the minimal entry cost membership is designed to allow clinicians to get cash flowing immediately with the technology without having to make a significant capital expense or take on new debt. Those who invest in Ori Scan 2.0 and the Ori Tech Membership receive a dedicated USA-based support for seamless integration and operation, the OriCare360™ warranty, and the Ori NextGen™ Guarantee—a promise of automatic device upgrades every 3 years to keep practices ahead with the latest technology.


New Dental Products – February 26 - March 1, 2024

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