New Dental Products August 28 - September 1


A look at all the newest dental product releases from August 28th, 2023 through September 1st, 2023.

August 29, 2023

Viax3D from Viax Dental Technologies

Viax3D digital guided IPR | Image © Viax Dental Technologies

Image © Viax Dental Technologies

// Guided Interproximal Reduction


Developed in collaboration with Lou Shuman, DMD, this new solution uses dental CAD/CAM technology to simplify interproximal reduction (IPR) procedures while making outcomes more precise. The solution features 3D-printed guides in combination with specialized burs to offer precise IPR outcomes that maintain optimal contacts. This streamlined IPR workflow aims to reduce procedure time and enhance the patient experience.

How these guides fit a modern orthodontic workflow:

The Viax3D solution is designed to integrate with other digital orthodontic treatment plans to create a comprehensive treatment plan that meets each patient’s needs. The system is described as easy to adopt and strives to make orthodontic workflows more efficient and accurate.

Viax Dental Technologies

August 29, 2023

OraQ from OraQ AI

OraQ AI dental software | Image © OraQ AI

Image © OraQ AI

// AI Practice Software


Designed to drive dental practice productivity and increase case acceptance, OraQ is a software solution that leverages artificial intelligence technology to help drive practice success. The software helps clinicians take a holistic approach to patient assessments. OraQ analyzes patient records, including medical and dental histories, ahead of appointments to prepare team members, then guides the new patient and recall appointment processes to provide consistency, and customizes its risk and recommendation to highlight the individual needs of each patient.

How OraQ helps empower patients:

The OraQ patient portal helps put patients in control of their oral wellness. It provides them with a dashboard of exam findings and clinician recommendations, and it simplifies medical jargon to increase their understanding of their oral health to promote well-informed decisions.


August 29, 2023

LunaLite Dental from LunaLite

Image © LunaLite

// X-ray Positioning System


Featuring a laser light to guide intraoral x-ray positioning, LunaLite is designed to make dental x-rays more accurate and efficient. It offers a laser-guided automated positioning solution that streamlines positioning while providing automatic movement through preset angles, reportedly allowing a full-mouth series of radiographs to be captured within 30 seconds per angle. The LunaLite device attaches to the x-ray generator via a secure strap with just one button required for operation. It is compatible with most x-ray generators, including some mobile systems, and it can be used with barrier covers.

Editor's Choice: While the solution is designed to add efficiency to full-mouth x-ray series, it can be used when capturing bitewings and periapicals as well.

LunaLite Dental


August 29, 2023

Kettenbach USA’s new Profisil Fluoride Varnish

Kettenbach USA’s new Profisil Fluoride Varnish | Image Credit: © Kettenbach USA

Kettenbach USA’s new Profisil Fluoride Varnish | Image Credit: © Kettenbach USA

// Fluoride Varnish

Profisil Fluoride Varnish

Kettenbach USA’s new Profisil Fluoride Varnish is described as a new dimension of varnish gel that contains 5% sodium fluoride in a mucosa-friendly, pleasantly flavored dimethicone gel. This formula does not contain ethyl alcohol or colophony (rosin), which means the potential of soft tissue irritation or rosin-based allergies is reduced, according to the company.The product features a number of benefits for both the clinician and the patient, and is suitable for most ages because it is ethyl alcohol-freeBenefits for the dental professional include:single dose blister contains sufficient varnish to cover all affected teeth of both arches; can be applied in any direction to all affected tooth surfaces, migrating even to difficult to access areas;a prophylactic cleaning is not required prior to use; it is not necessary to dry teeth prior to application of the varnish gel;alubricious, non-clumping formula; and no need to replace gummy brushes.Patients, meanwhile, appreciate the smooth mouth feel and refreshing lubricating properties, according to the manufacturer. Other patient benefits include:delivers a protective coating to tooth surfaces by occluding tubules with calcium fluoride crystals; no bitter taste or burning; non-allergenic dimethicone formula; and can be used for all ages (suitable for children with primary teeth >6 months of age), according to Kettenbach.

Kettenbach USA


August 28, 2023

Phantom Sports Frame from Orascoptic

Phantom Sports Frame from Orascoptic. Image: © Orascoptic

Phantom Sports Frame from Orascoptic. Image: © Orascoptic

// Loupes Frame

Phantom Sports Frame

Orascoptic’s latest product offering will offer clinicians a more sleek and lightweight loupes frame. This new frame called the Phantom Sports Frame, is specifically designed to be much lighter than any other frame for optimal clinician comfort. It is made up of titanium and touts a variety of features that are said to be appealing to clinicians, according to a press release from Orascoptic. Some features include flexible temple tips to suit the needs of different dental professionals, adjustable nose pads, flex hinges, and more features that provide customization for everyday, continuous use. All these features also have the added benefit of being lightweight, eliminating strain or clunkiness in use. Added to its customizability is its availability in 5 different colors. The Phantom Sports Frame is said to be the lightest built-in prescription frame available for purchase right now.


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August 29, 2023

VXSE One from Kettenbach

VXSE One from Kettenbach. Image: © Kettenbach USA

VXSE One from Kettenbach. Image: © Kettenbach USA

// Impression Material

VXSE ® One

Kettenbach’s newest material is the VXSE® One monophase impression material, formulated specifically for fixation impressions. VXSE One touts hydrophilicity, good flow, and material hardness post-curing, according to a press release from Kettenbach. To achieve these desirable features, VXSE One is formulated from vinylpolysiloxane and vinylsiloxanether. This formulation enables both a long working time and a short setting time, per the press release from Kettenbach. Patients can be more comfortable with both the relatively short setting time as well as the taste of the impression material, which is said to be less harsh than standard impression materials. VXSE One is optimized for fixation impressions through its formulation and its enhanced patient comfort, also touting a post-cure material hardness of Shore A 65, per the press release. The material also benefits from an easy removal process, adding to that patient comfort factor. VXSE One has been tried and tested, with 80% of participants in an in-vivo field test claiming it to be a good or equal alternative to previous polyether materials used for fixation. VXSE One is available in jumbo 5:1 cartridges.

Kettenbach USA

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