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New Dental Products – April 29 - May 3, 2024


All the latest dental product launches from April 29 - May 3, 2024.

April 29, 2024

1.5 Open Sensor from DentiMax

// X-Ray Sensor

1.5 Open Sensor from DentiMax | Image Credit: © DentiMax

Image Credit: © DentiMax

1.5 Open Sensor

The all-new compact 1.5 Open Sensor is designed to enhance patient comfort and ease of positioning. The sensor size is 11% smaller than its predecessor the Size 2 Open Sensor. The 1.5 Open Sensor is based off years of feedback from dental clinicians and said to exceed expectations in terms of size, image quality and price. The Open Sensor has received high ratings from the independent testing organization, Clinician’s Report. The company increased the scintillator from 150 microns to 350 microns and made other changes designed to provide better, crisper images. The 1.5 Open Sensor is available for purchase at an initial launch price of $2,999 or through a convenient subscription model at $99 /month, according to DentiMax.



April 30, 2024

Medit i900 from Miedit

// Intraoral Scanner

Medit i900 from Medit | Image Credit: © Medit

Medit i900 from Medit | Image Credit: © Medit

Medit i900

The new Medit i900 intraoral scanner features intuitive Touch Band and Touch Pad functionality designed to deliver a new standard for speed, accuracy, and comfort. The scanner’s cutting-edge technology is said to produce smoother, easier scanning, comfortable handling, and improved scan quality. Button-free operation offers clinicians control from any angle and provides for a comfortable experience for all hand sizes. Other advanced features of the new scanner are designed to streamline workflow and optimize patient care and include a lightweight design (weighing 165 grams), 3 tip sizes, optimal ergonomics for absolute control scanning from any position, a 3rd-generation Optical Engine with a 10-bit camera said to deliver a wider and deeper field of view, improved accuracy, and sharper detail yet smoother scan data. The device also ensures flawless capture of challenging conditions including highly reflective metal or bleeding soft tissue. Described as easy to use with the ability to experience real-time haptic and light feedback, clinicians can navigate effortlessly with the 360° Touch Band, and customize commands via the interactive Touch Pad and Touch Menu. The Medit i900 is powered by MeditLink, the company's open software platform, providing access to a suite of free dental apps that assist productivity and enhance patient care.



May 1, 2024

3DXPRINT 3D Printer from Roland DGA

// 3D Printer

3DXPRINT 3D Printer from Roland DGA | Image Credit: © Roland DGA

Image Credit: © Roland DGA


3DXPRINT is a 4K LCD 3D printer designed to complement Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE DWX wet and dry milling solutions. It is a complete, out-of-the-box solution for fast, precise, and more affordable dental 3D printing. Suited for both clinics and labs, 3DXPRINT features a small footprint, a large 190 mm × 120 mm × 180 mm print size, and a build plate of 40 sq in. The open-architecture system offers print speeds of approximately 10 to 50 mm per hour, and it is validated for use with more than 20 resin manufacturers and 150 resins.

Roland DGA


May 2, 2024

P55D from UP3D

P55D from UP3D. Image credit: © UP3D

P55D from UP3D. Image credit: © UP3D

// Dry Mill


Digital dentistry company, UP3D has unveiled its latest innovation: the P55D high-end dry milling machine. Various features are combined in this dry milling machine that aim to make dry milling more efficient. This device integrates precision servo control and all-weather stable production technology, promising 24-hour efficient continuous milling for dental professionals, according to UP3D. P55D contains a high-speed electric spindle, which when combined with an air-free design, ensures plug-and-play operation without the need for peripheral configuration.This spindle enables up to 60,000 rpm, making it well-suited for hard materials, per the company. Added to this, P55D reportedly accommodates a diverse array of materials including zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, composite resin, and soft metals. This versatility, catering to both disc and block specifications, aims to empower dental practitioners with customized solutions to enhance production efficiency. Remote control capabilities are another highlight, facilitated by Millmind software. Intelligent milling alerts and tool life monitoring minimize downtime, maximizing productivity and efficiency. Structural optimization and an integrated dustproof design are said to significantly reduce maintenance requirements, extending the machine's service life. The larger milling chamber further enhances work efficiency, providing operators with added space for material installation and removal. This 5-axis machine is indicated for a variety of applications, including inlays, crowns, veneers, and more. To learn more about the P55D, visit the website here.




May 2, 2024

Dentbird Batch from Imagoworks

Dentbird Batch from Imagoworks. Image credit: © Imagoworks

Dentbird Batch from Imagoworks. Image credit: © Imagoworks

// Bulk Crown Processing

Dentbird Batch

Dental artificial intelligence (AI) group Imagoworks has announced the launch of a new mass-production software called Dentbird Batch. Dentbird Batch reportedly automates crown design for mass processing. This enables users to process multiple cases in a single upload, according to a press release from Imagoworks. Suitable for medium to large dental labs, Dentbird Batch uses AI to analyze data, detecting tooth abutments and margins. This AI-assisted design process is built from Dentbird Crown, which is Imagoworks’s crown design platform. Batch enables the mass processing of patient data for autonomous design results in less time, per the press release. Users will install Dentbird Batch to their system, create or use their already-existing Dentbird account, then uploading parameters and scan data. From there, the design process begins. Another feature is the 3D viewer. Through this tool, users can fine-tune and modify design specifications directly from their web browsers, ensuring control and customization. This real-time feedback mechanism empowers users to optimize their designs with precision before finalizing the STL file.


May 2, 2024

DIBS AI 8.0 from OrthoSelect

DIBS AI 8.0 from OrthoSelect | Image Credit: © OrthoSelect

DIBS AI 8.0 from OrthoSelect | Image Credit: © OrthoSelect

// Orthodontics


DIBS AI® 8.0 integrated software and hardware platform is designed to simplify digital indirect bonding for orthodontists and to speed up treatment times and improve case outcomes. Key new features in DIBS AI 8.0 include DIBS AI Online, which allows you to approve orthodontic cases via the browser on virtually any computer platform, including Apple® devices; Automated CBCT Integration to create unprecedented 360 degree views of patients’ tooth, bone, nerve and airway structures for improved modeling of planned movements for the entire tooth; Treatment Presets to compare and contrast both default and custom treatment options to see and simulate different outcomes with a single click; and Improved Bite Turbos that allow to adjust one, some, or all of the teeth as needed for effective bracket placement and bite correction. DIBS AI software provides the flexibility to 3D print, either in-house or in their lab, extremely accurate bracket transfer appliances.



May 2, 2024

Email Campaigns for Yapi Leap from Yapi

Email Campaigns for Yapi Leap from Yapi. Image credit: © Yapi

Email Campaigns for Yapi Leap from Yapi. Image credit: © Yapi

// Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns for Yapi Leap

Software solutions company Yapi has announced the launch of a new feature for its patient experience and communications platform Yapi Leap. Users will now be able to leverage email marketing campaigns through the application, enabling a new avenue of communication to patients. Per a press release from Yapi, the email campaigns tool will enable dental practices to curate relevant information for its patients. Yapi Leap’s new email capabilities come with a variety of features. For instance, users can take advantage of the professionally designed, pre-made templates for their email campaigns. Smart filtering is also available to allow practices to send relevant campaigns to the right patients. This also eliminates the hassle of patients receiving irrelevant information and sending it to their spam folder. Other features include a statistical engagement report that is said to provide actionable insights toward campaign performances. Because of its browser-based nature, Yapi Leap’s email campaigns can be accessed from anywhere, a notable feature that may be a particular boon for multi-office dental practices. Yapi Leap’s email campaigns also contain a user audit feature that allows users to track drafts and editors, which aims to make collaboration across the practice easier.


949-535-1059 // yapiapp.com

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