New Dental Products April 24-28

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Don't miss the details on any of the newest dental products with the rundown of all the new products announced between April 24-28, 2023.

April 25, 2023

AI Records App from Grin

[ Mobile App ]

AI Records App

Grin, a comprehensive virtual care platform that provides digital oral healthcare solutions connecting practices and patients, now offers AI Records App. Thededicated Grin mobile app account for the practice allows practices to take a high-quality scan, including intraoral and extraoral photos of a patient using the Grin Scope® and an iPhone. Practices can use the service for all practice record-taking, fast onboarding, and generating leads and referrals anytime, anywhere quickly. Grins’ AI is designed to automatically choose the best 8 images from the Grin scan to ensure treatment-ready records.The company offers all the tools doctors need under 1 easy-to-use ecosystem—making it a true all-in-one digital platform that allows you to do more with less. The newest functionality comes in addition to Grin’s Human Intelligence (Grintelligence) service, powered by Grin’s AI and trained personnel to allow practices and patients actionable, timely, and trustworthy guidance throughout their treatment. Grin plans to release new oral hygiene detection tools utilizing AI technology to detect gum recession, inflammation, plaque, and tartar, according to a press release.



April 25, 2023

Practice Management Integration from Grin

[ Software Updates ]

Practice Management Integration

Grin, a comprehensive virtual care platform that provides digital oral healthcare solutions connecting practices and patients, has announced updates to a variety of its software integrations, including a new Practice Management Integration. Grin is bringing more opportunities for clinicians and their teams to boost efficiency and revenue while streamlining workflows across the practice. The company continues to invest in new functionality based on the voice of the customer by prioritizing the community of trusted practices and patients while considering the key areas where the Grin product would best help and integrate with every practice's digital workflows, efficiencies, and patient outcomes. Grin announced a partnership with Dolphin Practice Manage Software towards an integration connecting both platforms. Practices now have the ability to integrate the Grin platform with their practice management software for increased operational efficiency. Additionally, upgrades for In-Practice Communication and a New Hygiene Resource Suite now are available. The company already has tools to diagnose and treat patients' oral hygiene and is introducing additional tools to educate and enforce better oral care practices through various educational tutorials that can be shared directly through the Grin App with every patient.


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April 27, 2023

Treatment Planning Software from Adit

[ Treatment Planning Software ]

Adit Treatment Plan Software

Dental software company Adit launches its new dental treatment plan software, designed to be customizable to the dental practice’s specific needs. Adit’s new treatment plan software allows clinicians and practice staff to create plans that suit the patients’ needs even when they require multiple plan options or phases. They can then use the software to apply the necessary insurance estimates as well as any discounts or offers they may be able to offer. To enhance patient communication, Adit’s software will also allow practice employees to send emails and/or HIPAA compliant texts containing relevant treatment information to patients. Adit’s plan software also integrates with its Patient Forms and Adit Pay modules for a seamless payment and documentation process, according to a press release from Adit. The combination of these efficiency-boosting systems all in 1 place will help dental practices garner wider treatment acceptance. This new dental treatment plan software is available now through Adit’s Practice Analytics bundle.


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April 27, 2023

BlueSkyPlan 4.11 from Blue Sky Bio

[Implant Software]

BlueSkyPlan 4.11

The latest version of the BlueSkyPlan 4.11 software now includes an automatic implant placement feature of single implant cases. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the new automatic implant placement feature is designed to increase accuracy and reduce planning time. It’s said to help users achieve optimal positioning to ensure precise placement, minimal invasiveness, and improved implant stability. The software is being offered to users at no additional cost. BlueSkyPlan 4.11 is available now with the automatic implant placement feature for single implant cases at the company’s website.

Blue Sky Bio, LLC

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