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New Dental Products – April 22 - April 26, 2024


All the latest dental product launches from April 22 - April 26, 2024.

April 23, 2024

KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution from KLOwen Orthodontics

KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution from KLOwen Orthodontics. Image credit: © KLOwen Orthodontics

KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution from KLOwen Orthodontics. Image credit: © KLOwen Orthodontics

// Metal Self-Litigating Solution

KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution

KLOwen Orthodontics has introduced the industry's sole custom metal self-ligating (SL) solution at the annual American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) conference. Garnering an OrthoInnovator Honorable Mention, this innovative approach aims for control and efficiency, according to a press release from the company. The new custom SL solution represents a convergence of traditional SL benefits, such as low-friction and non-fatiguing ligation, with the precision and efficiency of customized prescriptions. This amalgamation reportedly enhances orthodontic care by streamlining treatment processes and optimizing control. Key advantages of the KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution include significantly reduced ligation appointments and accelerated initial alignment. By harnessing advanced technology and custom prescriptions, practitioners can minimize inaccuracies and achieve precise tooth positioning, thereby enhancing control over all 3 orthodontic orders.

KLOwen Orthodontics

737-265-5220 // klowenortho.com

New Dental Products – April 22 - April 26, 2024

April 23, 2024

Midas from SprintRay

Midas from SprintRay. Image credit: © SprintRay

Midas from SprintRay. Image credit: © SprintRay

// 3D Printer


3D printing company SprintRay has announced its latest innovation, the Midas Digital 3D Printer. The Midas Digital Press introduces the first-ever Digital Press Stereolithography (DPS) technology, along with a patent-pending Resin Capsule System. This new technology enables the utilization of previously unworkable and highly viscous resins in 3D printing processes, per a press release from the company. Midas is said to enable chairside fabrication of crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers, with the first Midas resin boasting over 70% ceramic filler and capable of printing in under 8 minutes. The Midas printer, coupled with SprintRay's AI Studio design software, aims to streamline chairside design restoration delivery. AI Studio, a cloud-based design software, automates the creation of dental restorations while integrating with various scanners and design software, eliminating the need for extensive CAD experience. Moreover, SprintRay's partnership with Ivoclar for material development sets the stage for future advancements in biomaterials. Midas and AI Studio, and NanoCure, hope to represent a significant advancement in dental restoration manufacturing, characterized by speed, simplicity, and collaborative innovation in restorative materials.


800-914-8004 // sprintray.com

April 23, 2024

The Dental pod from Zima Dental

The Dental pod oral applinace cleaner  | Image Credit: © Zima Dental

Image Credit: © Zima Dental

// Oral Appliance Cleaner

The Dental pod

The Dental pod is an advanced ultrasonic cleaning machine designed to seamlessly disinfect and polish various oral appliances, including retainers, night guards, mouth guards, dentures, and more, without causing abrasive damage, all in just 5 minutes with water.The device uses advanced ultrasonic technology that utilizes high-frequency 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves. This innovation effortlessly eradicates harmful plaque build-up, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, ensuring unparalleled cleanliness for any dental appliance and promoting improved overall oral hygiene, according to the manufacturer. Using the high-frequency 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves to vibrate the solution and produce millions of nano-scale bubbles, the Dental pod is said to deliver clinical grade cleaning at home in 5 minutes.These bubbles rapidly expand and collapse, releasing a large amount of energy, continuously scouring, and smashing the grime, bacteria and plaque on the appliance, all while being non-abrasive. This action, called “cavitation” occurs on average 4000 times per second, so all surfaces and gaps are continuously cleaned leading to a short but thorough cleaning cycle. The Dental pod features a built-in dynamic feedback feature that will analyze the contents and adjust to the optimal frequency for ultrasonic cavitation cleaning. The device is said to dispose of stains and odors from oral appliances quickly and easily.

Zima Dental

April 24, 2024

NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc from Sagemax

NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc from Sagemax. Image credit: © Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc from Sagemax. Image credit: © Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

// Zirconia Disc

NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc

Dental materials manufacturer Sagemax has unveiled its latest product––the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc. This addition to Sagemax's zirconia portfolio aims to elevate dental restorations with both esthetics and durability with its unique formulation, according to a press release from the company. Crafted from dental multilayer zirconium oxide, with a cervical composition of 4Y-TZP and an incisal composition of 5Y-TZP, the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc reportedly delivers a natural color and translucency gradient. This, coupled with its flexural strength of 850 MPa in the cervical region and 650 MPa in the incisal region, enables the fabrication of lifelike, monolithic single-tooth and bridge restorations across both anterior and posterior regions. Moreover, Sagemax has refined the color formulation of the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0, ensuring a seamless match with the Vita A-D shade guide. This reworked color formulation, combined with an improved color and translucency gradient, is said to guarantee restorations that blend with surrounding dentition, per the press release. The NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 is also available in 4 bleach colors. Sagemax has also broadened the thickness options of the NexxZr+ Multi 2.0, now offering discs in 14, 16, and 20 mm thicknesses. This flexibility enables clinicians to tailor their restorations to the specific needs of each patient.


info@sagemax.com // sagemax.com

April 26, 2024

ARM & HAMMER Plus TheraBreath Toothpaste

ARM & HAMMER Plus TheraBreath Toothpaste  | Image Credit: © ARM & HAMMER

ARM & HAMMER Plus TheraBreath Toothpaste | Image Credit: © ARM & HAMMER

ARM & HAMMER Plus TheraBreath Toothpaste

The new ARM & HAMMER™ Plus TheraBreath™ Toothpaste combines the benefits from both a trusted leader in baking soda toothpaste and a popular oral rinse. ARM & HAMMER has partnered with oral rinse brand TheraBreath to launch the toothpaste. It is designed to be a key first step in someone’s getting-ready routine because it combines the natural whitening power of baking soda with TheraBreath™ Breath Fresheners to offer a bright smile and fresh breath all-in-one. This product combines multiple benefits, as it removes up to 3 times more plaque in hard-to-reach areas [compared to a leading toothpaste], offers enamel-safe whitening, and freshens breath, the company states. Its flavor is inspired by the top-selling TheraBreath oral rinse, Invigorating Icy Mint. ARM & HAMMER Plus TheraBreath Toothpaste can be found at leadingr etailers nationwide, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Kroger.



New Dental Products – April 22 - April 26, 2024

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