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Don't miss the details on any of the newest dental products with the rundown of all the new products announced between April 17-21, 2023.

April 17, 2023

S4 Intraoral Scanner from AI SMILE

[ Intraoral Scanner ]




AI SMILE S4 offers a variety of features for dental professionals in general practice as well as clinicians doing orthodontics, implants, and restorative dentistry, according to a press release from AI SMILE. The AI Treatment Planning System Venus 1.0 and the cases already present in the AI SMILE cloud brain database combine to help this intraoral scanner generate simulation solutions in less than 10 minutes. This treatment plan and 3D modeling will allow clinicians to demonstrate to patients the adjustments necessary in real-time. If features a high-definition, 4k true color display, a scanning accuracy of 10mm, and a scanning speed of more than 30 frames per second. The hardware itself is ergonomic and sleek, designed with a balanced center of gravity to prevent it slipping out of the clinician’s hand. With a silver and white color scheme it is said to fit in any operatory through its modern design. It comes with the scanner, smart tips, a power adapter, a calibration tool, a desktop cradle, a detachable cable, and a tooth model. This intraoral scanner is suitable for a plethora of dental procedures and specialties, and its assistance in data acquisition, modeling, and treatment planning create a fully-focused scanning solution for practitioners. It promises speed, accuracy, and utility.


April 18, 2023

Braces Update from DentalMonitoring

[Orthodontic Software]

Braces Update | DentalMonitoring

DentalMontioring Braces

DentalMonitoring has added 2 new features to its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered orthodontic solution. The update to the platform includes the new patient timeline and progress bar and is now available in the dashboard. With these additions, doctors can now optimize braces patient management with features that are said to offer instant snapshots of patient progress. The patient card displays as a timeline that automatically tracks treatment, hygiene, and scan compliance for patients, which is accumulated from all DentalMonitoring scans during treatment. Orthodontists are now able to track trends and recurring challenges without the need for additional chair time. With the power of AI and doctor-customized automation, this provides an increased level of clinical visibility and control when treating braces patients and is designed to improve treatment progress and outcomes.


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April 19, 2023

Virtual Dental Team from Ross Communications

[ Marketing Tool ]

Virtual Dental Team from Ross Communications: © Ross Communications

Virtual Dental Team from Ross Communications: © Ross Communications

The Virtual Dental Team

The Virtual Dental Team (VDT) is a new virtual focus group that aims to provide dental teams with actionable insights based on a “voice of the customer” perspective, according to a press release from Ross Communications. VDT comes in with virtual focus groups comprised of various configurations of dental professionals, including dental service organization members, private practice owners, specialists, hygienists, and more. VDT is virtual and customizable, making it scalable to the product or service being advertised market needs. These groups are said to provide key insights to improve messaging and inform pain points to boost sales. VDT is designed to help groups learn about key features to boost branding, including workflow impact, design, functionality, identity, and more. The experience of these focus groups will provide the necessary information to boost both product launches and rebrands, aided by the expertise of the VDT advisory board which contains owner and founder of Ventriello Communications, Michael Ventriello, and President and CEO of Scarlett Consulting International, Dr Margaret Scarlett.

Virtual Dental Team

April 20, 2023

DTX Studio Clinic AI 2D from DEXIS

[Artificial Intelligence Software]

DTX Studio Clinic AI 2D | ©DEXIS

DTX Studio Clinic AI 2D

DEXIS has announced its DTX Studio™ Clinic has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for artificial intelligence (AI) findings on 2D intraoral x-ray images. DTX Studio Clinic now offers 6 types of pathological dental findings on periapical and bitewing intraoral images and is fully integrated into a practice’s imaging software. DTX Studio Clinic is designed to screen dental radiographs and annotate suspected areas of interest, allowing clinicians to make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment. These can include 6 types of pathological dental findings: caries, discrepancy at margin, root canal defects, periapical radiolucency, bone loss, and calculus. DTX Studio Clinic allows clinicians to present patients with a more comprehensive view of their diagnosis and treatment plan, which is said to build patient understanding and increase practice efficiency.


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April 20, 2023

Payment Manager for Sensei from Carestream Dental

[ Practice Management Software ]

Payment Manager

Payment Manager, the newest patient solution from Carestream Dental’s practice management portfolio, Sensei, offers a secure way for practices to process payments quickly and efficiently. It is designed to eliminate the need to stay late to balance the ledger, and also means no more separate payment processing systems with the potential for errors. Payment Manager’s direct integration with Sensei Cloud, SoftDent and WinOMS means credit card transactions are automatically posted directly to a patient’s ledger, so it’s always up to date. Not only that, using an integrated payment system avoids settlement errors and delays in completing patient statements. This newest patient solution can be appreciated by patients, too, who expect a convenient and speedy check-out experience. Payment Manager lets offices accept the latest payment methods, including digital wallets and tap-to-pay, like Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®, and even text-to-pay. Wireless payment terminals also let team members collect payment chairside—a convenience for patients, faster reimbursement for the practice.For data security and reduced payment card industry (PCI) risk, Payments Manager payment information is tokenized and stored offsite.

Carestream Dental


April 20, 2023

iLux Pro Dental 3D Printer from LuxCreo

[3D Printer]

iLux Pro Dental | ©LuxCreo

iLux Pro Dental

The new iLux Pro Dental is a solution for orthodontists and dentists to produce same-day clear aligners, designed to bypass traditional models and thermoforming stages. The iLux Pro Dental is a high throughput, small footprint, heated, chairside DLP printer with 50-micron pixel resolution It features LEAP™ technology, which allows aligners to be pulled directly from the printer with no manual polishing. It is said to be capable of printing up to 175 models horizontally or up to 64 direct aligners in an 8-hour shift. Its software is simple, with easy one-click steps, automated setups, and application-specific workflows that are designed to maximize efficiency.


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April 20, 2023

LuxAlign from LuxCreo

[ Clear Aligner Software]

LuxAlign | ©LuxCreo


The LuxAlign design software is designed to automatically generate aligner retainer designs, add trimlines, repair tooth gaps, and vary aligner thickness for efficacy and patient comfort. This software reportedly creates aligners, retainers, and nightguards from scan/dental models in less than 4 minutes. Users can manage patients and cases by adding, editing, or deleting patients, adding new cases from different patients, uploading dental model STLs, and viewing and editing cases. Its automatic gap filling and boundary adjustment allow clinicians to enhance fit and comfort for the patient by drawing and adjusting the boundary.


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April 20, 2023

iLuxCure Pro from LuxCreo

[3D Curing Unit]

iLuxCurePro | ©LuxCreo

iLuxCure Pro

The iLuxCure Pro is a programmable, multi-wavelength, multi-direction, high-irradiance post-print cure that can cure 6 to 8 aligners within 30 minutes. It is part of the LuxAlign ecosystem that includes hardware, software, materials, and services that are designed to allow clinicians to produce same-day clear aligners, bypassing traditional model and thermoforming stages in as little as 2 hours. The iLuxCure Pro is available now for order and is scheduled to begin shipping in May 2023.

April 20, 2023

Direct Clear Aligner Material from LuxCreo

[Clear Aligner Material]

Direct Clear Aligner Material | ©LuxCreo

Direct Clear Aligner Material

Direct Clear Aligner Material (DCA) is a tough, flexible clear aligner material. It offers high transparency without manual polishing through LuxCreo’s Digital Polishing™ technology. This process is said to simplify clear dental appliance production—aligners, retainers, and nightguards are reportedly printed directly with 80% higher clarity while eliminating 90% material and 75% of the labor. DCA has been received 510(k) FDA clearance for Class II indications.


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April 21, 2023

NiTime Aligners from OrthoFX

[ Clear Aligners ]


OrthoFX's new NiTime Aligners are described as the first aligner system that is explicitly designed for overnight wear. The company announced the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k)clearance of their NiTime Aligners, and the new aligners became available starting April 21 to a limited initial group of orthodontic practices. Other features of the system include: first aligner system cleared by the FDA and supported by clinical studies that demonstrate treatment efficacy for reduced duration of wear; first aligner system that reduces daily wear time to 9-12 hours without increasing the number of stages in the treatment; first patented aligner design optimized explicitly for nighttime wear; constructed with hyper-elastic polymer that maintains biologically favored force levels, allowing predictable tooth movement with less wear time; and multi-shell construction to deliver optimal forces and a broad fit range to compensate for day-time movements.



April 21, 2023

RegenerOss® CC Allograft Particulate from ZimVie

[ Bone Graft Material ]

RegenerOss® CC Allograft Particulate

The RegenerOss® CC Allograft Particulate is a natural blend of cortical and cancellous bone particles that can be used to fill bony voids in a variety of dental applications. The new product broadens ZimVie’s presence in the dental biomaterials market and expands the company’s comprehensive suite of bone graft offerings, which also includes the distinguished Puros® Allograft line. RegenerOss CC Allograft Particulate has been sterilized and freeze-dried using the Cancelle SP® Sterilization Process, a proprietary method for cleansing andpreserving the graft.RegenerOss CC Allograft Particulate is processed by RTI Surgical, Inc. and marketed by Biomet 3i, LLC (ZimVie Dental), its affiliates, and authorized marketing partners.



April 21, 2023

RegenerOss® Bone Graft Plug from ZimVie

[ Bone Grafting Material ]

RegenerOss® Bone Graft Plug

The RegenerOss® Bone Graft Plug is an easy-to-use grafting solution for filling extraction sockets and periodontal defects. The new product broadens ZimVie’s presence in the dental biomaterials market and expands the company’s comprehensive suite of bone graft offerings, which also includes the distinguished Puros® Allograft line. The Plug features a combination of 80% graft particulate and 20% Type I bovine collagen that adapts to the shape of the defect once hydrated. RegenerOss Bone Graft Plug is marketed by Biomet 3i, LLC (ZimVie Dental), its affiliates, and authorized marketing partners.



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