New Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Firm matrix bands now available from Garrison Dental Solutions

The new sectional matrix bands are said to resist deformation better than other market options.

Garrison Dental Solutions, manufacturer of sectional matrix systems since 1997, is pleased to announce the launch of Fusion Firm matrix bands with eZ-Place™ technology, the newest addition to the much-loved Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ Sectional Matrix System. 

 “Typical dead-soft sectional matrix bands are very easy to deform during placement on posterior Class II composite restoration,” Jason Phillips, Garrison’s director of marketing, says. “The eZ-Place™ technology used for Fusion Firm bands incorporates specially processed stainless steel and a proprietary matrix forming process to produce sectional matrix bands that resist deformation nearly 70 percent better than typical bands.”  

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eZ-Place allows Fusion Firm bands to maintain a super-thin 0.0015” thinness and a pre-contoured shape to ensure the excellent tight interproximal contacts and ideal anatomy the Composi-Tight 3D Fusion system is known for. Fusion Firm bands can be placed in situations that are not possible with other bands.

Additionally, conservative preps with remaining contact, snags on preparation margins and other challenges will not distort them. They are an excellent choice for first time sectional matrix system users and veterans alike. 

Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Firm matrix bands are available in assorted kits, individual refill packs and selected sectional matrix system kits direct from Garrison Dental Solutions. Call 888-437-0032 or visit for more information.