New company Innovato Holdings shows off innovations at IDS 2017


DPR looks at the offerings of new company Innovato Holdings, which showed off a new emergence profile kit at IDS 2017.

Another company helping to make dentistry more efficient for the clinician and more comfortable for the patient is Innovato Holdings, a new company out of Greece. Its founders, Ioannis Vergoullis, DDS, and George Papadopoulos, CDT, founded the company “to innovate and create game-changing, essential products for the dental industry,” according to the company’s literature.

They’ll do this with their VPI Emergence Profile Management System (EPMS) kit, which is designed to contain all of the tools needed to create the optimum natural emergence profile, including the VPI EP Indicator and VPI EP Mold.

The VPI EPMS includes a mold template that assistants can use to simply fabricate a custom healing abutment that replicates the natural shape of the emergence profile, regardless of size. The VPI EP Indicator helps clinicians determine the proper size and shape of the healing abutment that the patient needs. It can also be used to mark or initiate the implant osteotomy. The kit also includes guide pins to evaluate the correct position and angulation of the implant.

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“This is a complete range of tools that can help the clinician generate a natural emergence profile and record it accurately every single time,” Dr. Vergoullis notes. The kit allows clinicians to identify the optimal emergence profile and select the ideal healing abutment for the patient.

“We want to pass the message to the dentist that the end result is very important and every patient deserves the best,” Dr. Vergoullis says. “Either [dentists] pick this system or they use another methodology, but what’s important is to get the best result. We just offer a system that makes the process easier and faster.”

The kit is currently available in Europe and will be available in the U.S. this year. 

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