New Ceramill Map FX Dental Scanner Aims to Promise Precision and Versatility


This new desktop scanner from Amann Girrbach aims to offer precision and ease-of-use for digital dental workflows.

New Ceramill Map FX Dental Scanner Aims to Promise Precision and Versatility. Image credit: © Amann Girrbach

New Ceramill Map FX Dental Scanner Aims to Promise Precision and Versatility. Image credit: © Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach has announced that it is set to launch its new Ceramill Map FX laboratory scanner in mid-December, 2023. This new addition to the CAD/CAM system is poised to offer dental professionals a new level of precision and versatility, significantly enhancing digital workflows.

The Ceramill Map FX is designed to provide dental laboratories with an efficient, modular 3D desktop scanner that meets the specific needs of its users, per a press release from Amann Girrbach. It is said to combine the essential elements of high precision, short scanning times, and future-proof modular upgrades, making it an appealing choice for dental professionals looking to streamline digital processes.

Said to be one of the most compelling aspects of this new dental scanner is its modular design, which allows users to expand and upgrade the device as needed, ensuring its long-term utility, as well as customizability for different dental labs. The Ceramill Map FX offers a basic version that caters to entry-level digitization at an attractive price/performance ratio. It can handle basic prosthetic and orthodontic indications while also offering advanced scanning options, ensuring a broad range of applications.

Another notable feature of the Ceramill Map FX is its high precision, with even the optional HD scan achieving an accuracy of up to 4 μm, ensuring the kind of quality dental work that both patients and practitioners desire. The scanner also supports various scanning options, including impression scanning and "multidie," providing maximum convenience for users. Moreover, it offers open interfaces for connectivity with all common CAD/CAM systems via .STL and .PLY files.

The Ceramill Map FX's compact size allows it to be easily integrated into virtually any dental laboratory, making it suitable even in tight spaces. Larissa Duarte, Product Manager for Lab CAD/CAM Equipment at Amann Girrbach, emphasized this point: "With the Ceramill Map FX, we have achieved an unbeatable combination of precision, economy, and versatility: without a doubt, the scanner will convince laboratories and practice laboratories that appreciate efficiency and future-proofing.

One notable advantage of the Ceramill Map FX is its compatibility with the popular Artex articulator system. The scanner seamlessly integrates with the articulator, facilitating tasks such as vestibular scanning. This feature allows for a wide array of dental applications while ensuring simple and intuitive operation.

Duarte continued to underscore the benefits of the Ceramill Map FX, stating, "Owing to the integration of the Ceramill Map FX into the digital workflow, high process reliability as well as reproducible results are also ensured."

With its launch scheduled for mid-December, the Ceramill Map FX hopes to revolutionize the way dental professionals approach digital dentistry. By offering a combination of precision, versatility, and ease of use, it aims to enhance efficiency and future-proofing for dental laboratories and practice laboratories. This innovative scanner is set to leave a lasting impact on the dental industry, providing a powerful tool for those seeking top-notch digital scanning and precision in their dental work.

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