New Bulk EZ Plus from Zest Dental Improves on Bulk EZ Composite

A new bulk-fill composite from Zest Dental is designed to offer enhanced esthetics, better handling, and wear resistance in less time.

This new dual-cure, bulk fill composite builds on Bulk EZ’s enhanced esthetics and polishability with new features. Bulk EZ PLUS™ from Zest Dental is said to offer the same esthetics and resistance while improving handling and shade-matching with a new 80 nm spherical zirconia filler.

It utilizes self-cure IntelliTek Technology to control and direct shrinkage. This process eliminates leakage in posterior restorations. Bulk EZ PLUS is now said to be suitable for a wider range of clinical situations through its thixotropic properties. It reaches a higher degree of conversion, offers better polish retention, and is stackable.

Bulk EZ PLUS is available in a variety of shades and can be ordered now through Zest Dental.