New Betadine Antiseptic Oral Rinse is for Use Professional Settings

Purdue Pharma’s Avrio Health division announced its newest product, an oral rinse for preprocedural antiseptic use.

The latest product from Avrio Health's Betadine brand is Betadine Antiseptic Oral Rinse, a preprocedural rinse designed for use in professional healthcare settings.

The new rinse features an active ingredient of 0.5% povidone-iodine which has been shown to be an effective oral antiseptic. The rinse should not be swallowed and is intended for use under the supervision of a health care provider. The rinse can be used to reduce risks of spreading infectious diseases when performing tooth extractions, oral surgeries, and other dental procedures.

The rinse is not intended for use with patients under the age of 12. It should also not be used with patients who have thyroid conditions or allergies to povidone-iodine or other ingredients.