New AI-Based Web Dental CAD Designed to Offer One-Click Crown Design

Imagoworks launches the 3Dme Crown automatic crown design module of the company’s 3Dme Solutions.

Imagoworks, an artificial intelligence-based digital dental CAD solution company, just launched a new software, the 3Dme Crown automatic crown design module of the company’s 3Dme Solutions. Based on the patient’s 3D scan data, using AI technology, the crown prosthesis design that is most suitable for the patient’s oral environment is automatically generated in seconds with the solution, according to Imagoworks.

3Dme Crown's AI technology automatically finds the tooth that requires crown design by examining the dental 3D scan data. At the same time, it automatically identifies the margin line between the tooth and gum of the crown prosthesis to be manufactured and suggests an optimized margin line. Then, it goes through a process of creating an optimal crown design in a matter of seconds, considering the surrounding and antagonist teeth. The crown design using the existing dental CAD is done through dozens, even hundreds of mouse clicks for over 10 to 15 minutes by skilled dentists and dental technicians. However, this process reportedly takes only seconds with just a few clicks using 3Dme Crown.

Finally, the crown design is downloaded in the desired file format (STL, OBJ, PLY, etc.) and sent to a 3D printer or milling machine for an immediate prosthesis production. In addition, as 3Dme Crown is developed as a software running on the web, users are not limited by time or space to benefit from the convenience of being able to work on the design anytime, anywhere.

As a result of this, dental clinics and laboratories are said to be able to produce crown prostheses in a much shorter time. Users can enjoy the effect of improved efficiency and productivity. Also, patients can benefit from reduced number of visits, which will increase treatment satisfaction.

What is Special about 3Dme Crown
3Dme Crown, based on AI and Cloud technology, has differentiated advantages from existing installed dental CAD software. As 3Dme Crown connects to 3Dme Cloud, a data management platform, users can use it immediately on the web without having to install a separate program. In line with the trend of the era in which the use of smart devices has been expanded from PCs to mobile devices, the crown designs can be checked on tablets and smartphones, making the process more efficient fom dental clinics and las.

In particular, unlike existing dental CAD software, the generated design is not based on a tooth library; AI suggests a crown design optimized for the patient's oral environment by deep learning.

“3Dme Crown, based on the world’s best technology, can complete designing in less than 1 minute for a single crown, so you will be able to experience a speed improvement of more than 90% compared to the existing dental CAD software,” says Imagoworks CEO Young-jun KevinKim.

He adds that the company plans to update a function that enables the crown design modification according to user’s preference around September and integrate the automatic design of bridge prostheses soon. Meanwhile, Imagoworks plans to solidify its foundation as a comprehensive software solution company in digital dentistry by sequentially developing and releasing services for orthodontic treatment, implant, and denture in the global market.

3Dme Crown can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world after a member registration at