New AERO 22mm Wide Mouth HVE Single-Use Aerosol Collection Device Improves Patient Safety

DOVE Dental Products’ new device reduces the spread of airborne particles (aerosol) from procedures without compromising patient comfort.

DOVE® Dental Products’ new AERO Mouth HVE Wide is a single-use hybrid device designed to significantly reduce the risk of airborne aerosol movement caused by instrument use in a dental setting.

The AERO lineup now offers 2 innovative dental aerosol evacuation solutions that allow for maximum suction and aerosol collection without compromising patient comfort or professional workflow. In May 2020, DOVE introduced the AERO HVE Saliva Ejector, a device that combines high-volume evacuation to capture aerosols with a saliva ejector to capture liquids.

The new Aero HVE Wide Mouth sets the standard in both safety and (HVE) High Volume Evacuation, offering a patent-pending, 22mm swivel distal opening, lip-retraction, and three-hole external aerosol control. The innovative design enables closer evacuation management as well as outstanding airborne particle and debris control. Its unique full HVE evacuation valve provides complete backflow protection, which is a first in the industry. Each single-use device enhances patient safety, providing a simple, cost-effective solution for oral health professionals to reduce the spread of COVID-19 using traditional dental instrumentation.

The line provides a safe HVE solutions that snaps on existing equipment.

"We continually speak with dentists, hygienists and assistants about the challenges of adding tubing, mouthguards, large vacuums, shields, and other gadgets designed to treat patients," says Jim Langeloh, DOVE's vice president of sales.

The AERO line increases patient safety and backflow prevention, prevents complicated working positions, and is easy to connect. More importantly, it follows CDC recommendations for aerosols management, controlling external aerosol evacuation up to ninety-five percent."

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