New ADA Forsyth Institute Looks to Pioneer Excellence in Oral Health Research and Innovation


By merging the ADA Science & Research Institute and the Forsyth Institute, the new establishment promises to revolutionize the landscape of oral health research and innovation.

New ADA Forsyth Institute Looks to Pioneer Excellence in Oral Health Research and Innovation | Image Credit: © ADA

New ADA Forsyth Institute Looks to Pioneer Excellence in Oral Health Research and Innovation | Image Credit: © ADA

The American Dental Association (ADA) and the Forsyth Institute just announced the establishment of the ADA Forsyth Institute, a powerhouse of unrivaled expertise, visionary research opportunities, and dynamic innovation prospects, all dedicated to propelling the field of oral health through groundbreaking scientific innovation and research.

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey expressed her enthusiasm for this development, stating in a press release, “The new ADA Forsyth Institute will continue to advance oral and overall health through ground-breaking research and innovation. The Forsyth Institute has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of the Massachusetts bio-innovation and research community. This new venture will build on more than a century of excellent work right here in Massachusetts, including the discovery of how fluoride prevents cavities.”

The momentous announcement was made Thursday by ADA Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Cohlmia, DDS, and Forsyth Institute Chair of the Board, Elyse Cherry, during the Forsyth dentech annual innovation conference in Somerville, Mass. This conference serves as a gathering point for thought leaders from government, research, industry, academia, and venture capital, all coming together to expedite innovation and launch groundbreaking initiatives in the realm of oral health.

Dr. Wenyuan Shi, PhD, President and CEO of the Forsyth Institute, emphasizes in the press release, “The new Institute will be a world-class leader in dentistry, defining the future of oral health through biological research, local and global public health outreach, and technological innovation. The positive impact will be felt globally.”

The ADA Forsyth Institute, under the leadership of Dr Shi in Boston, commences its transformative work immediately.

“This is a historic and exciting day for champions of oral health,” declares Cherry in the press release. “We believe the ADA Forsyth Institute will accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and innovation for generations to come.”

Image Credit: © Forsyth Institute

Image Credit: © Forsyth Institute

The ADA Forsyth Institute merges the ADA Science & Research Institute and the Forsyth Institute, promising to revolutionize the landscape of oral health research and innovation.

Dr Cohlmia elaborates by saying in the press release, “This will immediately change the landscape for health research and innovation. Oral health is integral to overall health, and this combination of mindshare will bring technology and health care advances to patients at a global scale. Together, we will improve lives through transformative research that starts in the lab and ends with improving patient care in the dental chair.”

Founded in 1910, the Forsyth Institute originated as a philanthropic endeavor, providing dental care to children in the Boston area, and evolved into a vanguard in biomedical research. Among its notable achievements are the development of the first local antibiotic for treating gum disease and the discovery of the bacteria responsible for cavities. Additionally, the Forsyth Institute provides oral healthcare through mobile, private practice, and global programs.

The ADA Forsyth Institute will occupy the forefront of research while continuing the valuable work initiated by ADASRI to date, including the creation of the first comprehensive map of every cell in the oral cavity, the establishment of Food and Drug Administration-recognized standards for nearly every dental tool, the formulation of evidence-based guidelines for patient treatment, and the ADA Seal of Acceptance program, renowned for its rigorous product evaluation criteria trusted by dental professionals and consumers alike. To date, over 400 products have earned this prestigious Seal, signifying their safety and effectiveness.

Linda Edgar, DDS, president of the ADA, exclaims in the press release, “This is an incredible opportunity to advance the aligned missions of the ADA and Forsyth. The Forsyth Institute has along and storied history of scientific leadership and a dedication to making people healthier. Looking toward the future, we’re excited to see the many ways the ADA Forsyth Institute will carry on that legacy.”

The ADA, a not-for-profit organization, stands as the nation's largest dental association, representing 159,000 dentist members. Serving as the primary source of oral health information, the ADA has been advocating for public health and promoting the art and science of dentistry since 1859. The ADA's state-of-the-art research facilities have been instrumental in developing and testing dental products and materials, significantly enhancing the practice of dentistry and improving the patient experience.

The Forsyth Institute, established in 1910, stands as the world’s foremost independent research institution dedicated to oral health and its relationship to overall well-being. Originating as a pediatric dental hospital serving underprivileged children in the Boston area, the Institute has transformed its mission to center around three pillars: biological research, clinical service, public health outreach, and technological innovation.

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