A new 3D printing support material for cleaning printed work

Stratasys has introduced a new support material, SUP706, for some of its 3D printers.

Stratasys has introduced a new soluble support material called SUP706 for PolyJet triple-jetting 3D printers, including the Objet260/500 Dental Selection printers. The new support material is engineered to significantly reduce the time and person-power required to clean 3D printed models, enabling companies or dental labs to efficiently scale-up to high volume production.

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SUP706 automates post-processing of 3D printed parts with a simple two-step, soak-and-rinse process, designed to give users the ability to maximize productivity while achieving a low cost-per-part. High-production environments reportedly will experience a faster and easier support material removal process.

“The development of SUP706 provides a great combination of advantages for 3D printing users,” says David Tulipman, director of product management for PolyJet consumables at Stratasys. “Owners of PolyJet-based 3D printers can now print small, intricate features with greater reassurance, and clean several parts at once, enabling high volume 3D printing that’s both cost-effective and hassle-free.”

SUP706 is available as a software update on all Stratasys PolyJet Triple-Jetting 3D Printers (Objet260 1/2/3Objet350/500 1/2/3; Objet260/500 Dental Selection) and is compatible with all PolyJet materials, excluding hearing aid material.

For more information, visit stratasysdental.com or call 877-489-9449.