Neoss Launches Natural Bone Substitute NeoGenix XP

The highly porous bone substitute provides more space available for new bone deposition.

Neoss has launched NeoGenix XP™, a safe and clinically proven natural bone substitute, that closer resembles natural bone than those of synthetic materials, such as hydroxyapatite or tricalcium phosphate. This announcement follows the successful and well-received Allograft line.

Surface roughness affects cellular response, enhancing cell adhesion and proliferation and possibly other markers of expression of cell phenotype, like production of collagen type I, osteocalcin, extracellular matrix, and mineralized material. The osteoconductive material is available in a jar or delivery syringe.

"Being a strong partner to our customers has always been important and offering more in terms of total package solutions. NeoGenix XP is an important addition to this and strengthens not only the bone regeneration portfolio but will allow us to serve our customer even better," says Dr Robert Gottlander, Neoss CEO.

This product line will add new dimensions to Neoss existing Bone Regeneration offering, providing an enhanced offering of bone materials and membranes.

According to Neoss, the company maintains its clear focus on innovation and has a continuous plan of new market leading product solutions that will be presented over the next few years. All with the same target of introducing smart products that are intuitively easy to use with Intelligent Simplicity.

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