Neoss Group Unveils NeoScan™ 2000


Leading innovator in dental implant solutions introduces its brand new wireless intraoral scanner.

Neoss Group Unveils NeoScan 2000. Image: © Neoss Group

Neoss Group Unveils NeoScan 2000. Image: © Neoss Group

Neoss Group, a pioneer in dental implant solutions, has set a new benchmark in digital dentistry with the launch of the NeoScan™ 2000, a wireless intraoral scanner designed to streamline dental procedures. Building on the success of its predecessor, the NeoScan™ 1000, this groundbreaking technology is poised to redefine the digital impression landscape.

The NeoScan™ 2000 is a game-changer, offering dental professionals the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and affordability. According to Dr Robert Gottlander, President and CEO of the Neoss Group, "We believe that our new impression machine will make it possible for more clinicians to start using digital impressions. NeoScan 2000's combination of wireless technology, extended battery life, ergonomic design, and affordability makes it the ultimate choice for dental practices looking to enhance their efficiency and precision."

One of the standout features of the NeoScan™ 2000 is its wireless technology, which provides unrestricted mobility during scanning. This newfound freedom allows for the effortless capture of even the most challenging proximal areas, ensuring comprehensive and precise digital impressions. Additionally, its long-range connectivity ensures stable and uninterrupted data transfer, eliminating the need for constant repositioning or signal dropouts.

In a significant move to support dental professionals, Neoss Group has also announced an increase in the free cloud storage available in their NeoConnect platform to 1 terabyte, which is said to be equivalent to about 25,000 cases. This offer is available to any user of the NeoScan, per the press release. Furthermore, all NeoScans come with free upgrades of the NeoPro software and NeoConnect cloud service, enabling dental professionals to experience seamless integration and maximize the potential of their scanner without incurring extra costs.

The NeoScan™ 2000 is now available to dental professionals seeking to enhance their practice's digital capabilities. For more information and to explore the NeoScan™ 2000's features and benefits, visit Neoss Group's official website.

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