Neoss Group Introduces NeoTell Implant Stability Measurement Solution


New stability testing device was developed in collaboration with Osstell AB.

Neoss Group Introduces NeoTell Implant Stability Measurement Solution | Image © Neoss Group

Image © Neoss Group

Neoss Group recently unveiled NeoTell™, a cutting-edge device designed to quickly and accurately measure implant stability.

This innovation is the first result of Neoss Group's recent partnership with Osstell AB, a global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring.

Designed as an affordable implant stability testing solution, NeoTell uses Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) technology to provide an objective score for the stability of the implant being tested. This score can then be used to both educate patients about their treatment progress and to inform clinicians on the best timing for loading implants with temporary or permanent restorations.

RFA implant stability analysis is not a new technology, as Osstell has developed and studied RFA devices for years. The evidence-based technology has been validated in more than 1300 studies.

"NeoTell will offer clinicians the means to work more efficiently and effectively. Our collaboration with Osstell ensures that we can provide the dental community with a comprehensive solution that enhances the predictability and success of dental implant procedures. We believe that NeoTell will become an indispensable tool for dental professionals," says Robert Gottlander, DDS, president and CEO of the Neoss Group in a press release.

NeoTell is described as intuitive and user-friendly, and it does not require any invasive procedures to deliver implant stability data to clinicians. The information provided by the stability testing is said to help drive informed treatment decisions and raise the standard of care.

The system works in conjunction with single-use SmartPegs™ which are designed and calibrated to match specific dental implant systems. Delivered sterile, the pegs are connected the implant and the NeoTell device then uses the RFA technology to analyze the implant and deliver an Implant Stability Quotient score.

When used with Neoss Group’s NeossONE implant system, the NeoTell is even more convenient. With the implant system using just a single prosthetic platform across multiple implant designs, just one SmartPeg type is compatible with more than 70 different Neoss implants.

Patients are set to benefit significantly from this advancement, as NeoTell's precise assessment capabilities enable more accurate treatment planning. This can help build greater patient confidence and satisfaction with their dental implant procedures, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

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