NeedleSmart Pro Aims to Reduce Needlestick Injuries in US Market

The device is designed to decontaminate and compress needles in a matter of seconds.

British medical technology company NeedleSmart is expanding to the US market to protect American healthcare workers and patients from the rising tide of needlestick injuries (NSI). The NeedleStick Pro Device is designed to destroy a contaminated needle in a sealed chamber in just 6 seconds, minimizing post-procedural NSI.

The device heats the needle to 2372 degrees, killing potentially harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria adhering to the needle. Within seconds, the needle is compressed into a tiny ball and released from the device as a safe sphere of metal at the tip of the syringe.

Aligned with this, NeedleSmart has set the goal of repurposing the waste away from plastic sharps containers to a 96% recycled cardboard waste containers in the near future.

NeedleSmart received US Food and Drug Administration approval as a Class II medical device.