Nebraska City Official Charged With Assaulting Local Dentist

A Nebraska dentist alleges the city administrator barged into his office at the start of business last month and assaulted and berated the dentist.

The city administrator for a small eastern Nebraska city has been cited for three misdemeanors after an altercation in a dental office.

Bellevue, NE, city administrator Dan Berlowitz was arrested last week after allegedly barging into the office of Allan Smith, DDS, at around 8:30 a.m. on June 21.

Smith claims Berlowitz pushed the dentist in the chest and in the shoulder.

Witnesses say Berlowitz “was loud, agitated, and confrontational, and refused to leave after being asked numerous times”.

According to a report by KETV News, Berlowitz apparently screamed at Smith, saying the dentist wrote him a bad check.

KETV also said Berlowitz’s wife used to work at Smith’s office, but was let go.

Berlowitz had been placed on indefinite paid administrative leave. According to the Omaha World-Herald, the city issued a press release declining to comment on the matter, except to say, “The reason surrounding his [Berlowitz’s] status is a personnel matter that’s under investigation and will remain confidential”.

According to the KETV, the allegations, if proven true, would violate 12 of the 30 regulations in the city’s code of conduct section.

Berlowitz was charged on three counts of second-degree trespass, disturbing the peace, and third degree assault.

An arraignment is slated for July 27.