MyMouthWorks Telehealth Solution Designed to Help Patients, Dentists Improve, Monitor Oral Health

Complete telehealth home care solution is an end to end myofunctional therapy program from Innovative Oral Solutions.

Described as a complete telehealth home care solution, MyMouthWorks is an end to end myofunctional therapy program from Innovative Oral Solutions. With the program you get weekly progress of all your patients including progress reports and images, and clinicians can manage and monitor their patients using a user-friendly Web Dashboard.

With MyMouthWorks, you conduct an initial patient assessment and then assign 1 of 8 program disorders—open bite, overbite, underbite, crossbite, tongue thrust, TMJ disorders, lingual frenectomy, and sleep apnea. Next, users download the MyMouthWorks Mobile App. From there the patient begins a 16-week program and you monitor activity on the Doctors Dashboard and compare weekly progress to baseline.

The solution is designed to empower and reward patient compliance, while the doctor-patient notifications and reminders reduce the need for in-office visits. Clinicians can improve patient results with telehealth and experience unlimited ability to treat more patients, and increase revenue with low overhead

MyMouthWorks program, powered by Innovative Oral Solutions, has a unique approach of treating the individual based symptoms and the whole person, rather than only the diagnosis. It is an interactive online application for dentists, orthodontists, speech therapists, oral surgeons and myofunctional therapists.

If the system recognizes no progress, it will encourage or provide options for the patient depending upon what they need. A built-in reward system helps the individual to feel empowered while they are engaging in the program, which is important for success in their own therapy. A helping hand is always there, so individuals can also have confidence that they aren’t alone in the process either.