MyDentalWig Announces New iDentalWig 24/7 Sensor Monitor System

This 24/7, self-charging sensor monitoring device will sit in the mouth and transmit important data for better understanding on the body’s everyday processes.

Dental implant alternative company MyDentalWig has announced a new device called the iDentalwig designed to monitor the body through its dental sensor. It is a wearable dental device, similar in appearance to the standard Dentalwig from MyDentalWig, and fits as a tooth or teeth replacement. A special sensor inside of the device collects data on brain activity, heart activity, blood, muscles, and other processes inside the body. This information can then be accessed by physicians through a special app on either a smartphone, tablet, or other devices to personalize treatment plans for a patient’s specific needs.

This data can also be used to further research in certain areas of the body, much like heart failure monitoring devices, electroencephalography tests and MRIs for the brain, and other body monitoring devices. iDentalwig touts an upside that it doesn’t require a trip to the hospital for this data, according to a press release from the company.

The iDentalwig uses a self-charging battery to maintain charge all day. This battery charges by harnessing the swallowing, chewing, and talking motions to convert mechanical energy into electricity. This is designed so that iDentalwig users do not have to take out the device and charge it regularly, nor do they need to have any sort of wiring device in the mouth.

The iDentalwig is able to continuously collect data, even after the user’s passing, to further collect data and possibly unveil certain body processes that occur after death. The patent is still pending on this product, while the original Dentalwig is patented and FDA-cleared.