MouthWatch to demonstrate an affordable teledentistry platform

MouthWatch, LLC, will be exhibiting at the National Oral Health Conference (NOHC) April 16–18 in Louisville, Kentucky, to demonstrate an affordable teledentistry platform that it says can increase the impact of all scales of oral health programs, from small community programs to state-wide projects to improve oral health metrics.

"TeleDent has proven early success in public health programs to promote access to care," says MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman. "The NOHC is a great venue for us to let more oral health advocates and decision-makers know about the opportunities to use telehealth technology for dental care - and to increase the impact of their dental public health initiatives, at whatever scale they may be. With TeleDent, we want to help oral healthcare programs enable innovate oral health care models, so they can reach their goals of providing equity of care for every citizen."

On the NOHC schedule this year are a wide range of presentations and panel discussions that look at new approaches to facing the dental health challenge in America. From changing to a value-based approach to dental care to changing the profile of the care provider workforce, along with examples of states leading with new legislation.

"In the longer term, a change to a value-based care model is going to necessitate systems like TeleDent; you will need to reach and document communities much earlier in order to track outcomes," Herman explains. "And with TeleDent, on day one of implementation in a public health program, providers across the spectrum of oral health and medical roles become seamlessly connected and offer patients increased access."

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Where will telehealth for dentistry make a difference?

Some of the dental public health goals that TeleDent is designed to help meet include:

  • Increase visibility: TeleDent is engineered to enable remote patient and exam documentation as well both live video consultations or batch review of stored and forwarded case details.

  • Augment traditional screening and outreach programs: TeleDent can provide current programs with remote consultations and intraoral image store and forward, and later batch review of cases by the supervising dentist.

  • Connect medical and dental care loops: TeleDent in place in a hospital or health clinic setting means every care interaction becomes a dental health leverage point. Medical and dental care loops can be connected.

  • Reduce the burden of treatment follow up for patients: More patients getting treatment when they and their cases are visually connected to the referred dentist from the initial point of care.

  • New dentists and hygienists entering the field are learning about teledentistry with TeleDent.

TeleDent is used in multiple public health programs and has been integrated into the curriculum of leading dental and hygiene schools. NYU and other dental and hygiene schools are incorporating the TeleDent platform as a means to educate students not only on the workflows involved in teledentistry, but also on the opportunities which it allows for their career and practice goals.

According to a 2017 report, dental students introduced hands-on to teledentistry were likely to see themselves using it in their future practice.

MouthWatch offers free initial consultations to discuss how dental care can be enhanced with teledentistry and TeleDent and how implementations can be tailored to specific state-by-state regulations and scope of practice laws. MouthWatch can be contacted at or by calling 877-544-4342.