MouthWatch Announces New Add-On Features for TeleDent Platform

The newest additions to the TeleDent platform include an online patient intake form and mobile patient portal access.

MouthWatch, LLC recently announced new additions to its TeleDent™ teledentistry platform, which are designed to provide more balance between patient and provider benefits. New key features include mobile patient access, online intake form, and virtual team support.

The new online patient intake form allows patients to request a teledentistry consultation directly through a TeleDent request form, which can easily be added to a practice’s website. The mobile patient portal access is designed to make it easier for patients to access the patient portal via a cell phone so they can easily schedule a virtual consult or message their provider. A mobile app is also available for patients, though it is not required.

“During the height of the pandemic, we experienced a tremendous number of signups and inquiries for TeleDent,” said Brant Herman, MouthWatch founder and CEO. “This provided us with an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from a new group of clinicians and patients. The result was the development of enhanced features designed to improve the dental health experience on both sides of the dental encounter.”

Another added feature is dental team texting, which allows practice team members to send text messages for patient portal registrations or to invite patients to join live virtual consults. Virtual dental team support is another new feature that enables team members to use their smartphones to manage the practice’s TeleDent account directly, including user management, billing tools, and custom practice branding. The dental team can also access training and education resources through the TeleDent Learning Center anytime, anywhere.

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