Modern Dental USA Introduces TrioClear 3-Step Aligner

These new aligners from Modern Dental USA tout an innovative 3-step technology to safely and efficiently move teeth.

Dental prosthetic device provider Modern Dental USA has announced the introduction of a 3-step aligner called the TrioClear™ aligner. TrioClear is a custom-fit aligner that fits over the teeth and gums to shift teeth into the correct position. In a 3-step process, teeth are adjusted safely, according to a press release from Modern Dental USA.

It is combined with TrioDim Force™ to let aligners stay in place without the necessity for attachments. This 3-step aligner technology ranges from soft, medium, and hard for a gradual tooth adjustment.

“This new technology offers unique tray configurations designed for predictable results, saving clinicians valuable chair time while improving patient comfort and treatment results,” said Modern Dental’s CEO Laura Kelly in the press release.

The TrioClear aligner is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is free of Bisphenol A.