MMG Fusion's Unified Communications tool acts like virtual assistant

MMG Fusion has released its Unified Communication (UC) and Task Manager tools, two of the four products being released within the new MMG Manage suite of services that are designed to act as a Virtual Assistant for practices.

UC replaces the practice’s hardware phone system with an advanced VOIP system capable of helping staff better connect externally with patients and internally with each other. UC uses artificial intelligence to capture important patient data directly from the webchat feature and load it into the patient record. The patient record is then converted into a patient pop that is automatically presented anytime the patient is being communicated with.

“The ability to quickly and accurately access patient information with the Patient Pop and then translate that information into effective action among the staff is what makes the unified communication tool so powerful,” said Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion. “When office staff have the ability to log and access important patient information, collaborate on a patient through chat, 2-way text or call a patient, or monitor and assign tasks, the entire practice runs more efficiently and the patient has the best possible experience.”

UC, and its optional AI-powered upgrade Task Manager, were designed, tested, and continually improved by dentists and dental staff within MMG Fusion’s affiliated practice. The Task Manager’s primary function is to use artificial intelligence to prioritize, streamline, and disseminate daily office tasks to team members using the UC system. The Task Manager creates tasks such as patient follow up or insurance verification and assigns each task to a relevant team member.

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