MMG Fusion to launch ChairFill module at ADA


ChairFill is said to maximize practice profits from patient records.

MMG Fusion, the provider of the only all-in-on marketing software solution for the dental industry will launch its highly anticipated MMG ChairFill™ module on October 19 at the ADA annual meeting.

ChairFill monitors the practice schedule and matches open chair time with the most productive appointments considering both new and existing patients. Beyond schedule optimization, ChairFill recommends and initiates the appropriate marketing campaign to convert new patients as well as automating the process of appointment scheduling with voice, text, or video.

“ChairFill takes the MMG platform in a completely new and exciting direction,” says Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion. “Our customer research pointed to what is literally a “million-dollar goldmine” that is typically locked within a dental practice’s patient records and scheduling system. In the same way MMG Fusion has simplified and integrated managing and measuring the results of marketing outreach campaigns, MMG ChairFill analyzes and mines complex practice data to schedule the right kind of patient at the right time”.

More on ChairFill: How to automate practice growth with machine learning

ChairFill identifies the most profitable dentistry available from within the existing patient base and prioritizes those appointments for premium time slots. ChairFill also recognizes upcoming slow periods and selects the most effective marketing campaigns and promotions to fill those times. The ChairFill module automatically engages the ideal patients guiding them to schedule appointments online utilizing the complete range of communications tools including voice, text and video.

“MMG Fusion was recently awarded its second consecutive Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award in large part based on the introduction of ChairFill which is a groundbreaking expansion of MMG Fusion’s leading marketing software suite. ChairFill grows dental practices from the inside out in a way that has really never been possible without sophisticated software,” says Intlekofer.  “Dental practice owners can finally access that goldmine that they have always known was there.”

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